Génération Identitaire

Here. Hat tips to Bill Keezer and GoV.


  1. Kevin Kim says

    I got a reply from my buddy Dominique about the video, which he hadn’t seen before I showed him the link. With only 60,000-some views, I’m not convinced it’s as viral as all that. Dom’s view is that it sounds like the return of Nazism or a paean to China or North Korea. He thinks the vid is well-made, but also simplistic and manipulative — just a way to generate buzz and possibly violence. I’ll be blogging on this myself soon — maybe tonight.

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  2. Malcolm says

    I do think that there’s a whiff of Nazism here.

    There’s some irony in that, because the rise of the radically non-discriminatory, radically deracinating, radically anti-nationalist, multiculturalist liberal European order that these kids are rebelling against was itself, in my opinion, a violent and unrestrained counter-reaction against the horrors of the Nazis.

    This is what we engineers call “hysteresis”.

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