Worlds In Collision

From NOAA, here’s the Water Vapor Loop for the eastern US.


  1. JK says

    Nice moon Malcolm.

    Sat stuff doesn’t look good where you are:

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  2. JK says

    For those unfamiliar with the third link just showing the water vapor – here’s the mainpage hurricane site:

    Just click on anything not Sandy herself to pull up the IR – click on Sandy herself to pull up all sorts of stuff. Surge, rainfall, winds etc should be at the top.

    This next is actually out of Norman OK, usually “active” during tornado season but it’s manned right now, click for “Reports” although storm surges aren’t something normally measured:

    I’m “working” just now so here’s a good link:

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  3. Malcolm says

    Actually, not bad at all here now. I think we’re past the worst of it. Unbelievable that we didn’t lose power.

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  4. JK says

    I’m figuring M, about 0230 for you. Ya’lls hardtack dry?

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  5. Malcolm says

    Just what, exactly, are you suggesting will happen at 0230?

    Yes, the hardtack’s dry, the beer’s cold.

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  6. JK says

    What it is, there’s some cascading failures.

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  7. Malcolm says

    Oh. The power will go out? Naaaah…

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  8. Malcolm says

    They’ve done something here. I now believe that the power in Wellfleet is INVINCIBLE.

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  9. Malcolm says

    Wow, this is fantastic.

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  10. JK says

    I for one, am expecting a post at 0300 EST. Just to feel good in my soulful heart mind.

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  11. JK says

    Arkansas to Malcolm.

    Arkansas to Malcolm.

    Stations? Which had the last dit from Malcolm?

    Nary a twert? Whaddaya ya call ’em, you know – that twerp thing … right, right ten four.

    Wha…? No more than one hundred and forty characters? What kinda shit is that?

    Arkansas to twerp.

    Arkansas to twerp.

    Twerp! Do you read?

    (Fuck it. Anybody know if we’re under the jurisdiction of Nanny? Great – let’s get with Governor Christie over at the I-Hop and screw that ban on big soda pops.

    Wha… Bloomberg’s with Obama? Where?

    Okay. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas – anybody know if there’s an I-Hop in Manhattan? Whaddaya mean no subways, theys roads ain’t they?)

    Oh fuck Bloomberg.

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  12. JK says

    Whaddaya mean New York City ain’t in the same timezone as the Azores?

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  13. Malcolm says

    All OK here. Wellfleet was spared. The lovely Nina is in New York, staying with friends (our house is still unlivable due to construction work). Park Slope being on high ground, it was spared the flooding and power outages. (Trees down though, I expect.)

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