Goodnight Nurse!

I haven’t written much about martial arts lately, but tonight I do have a brief and instructive item.

As I sat catching a bite at a local saloon last night, I saw what has to be one of the most stupendous UFC knockouts ever. It was administered to 38-year-old Rich Franklin by the 40-year-old fighter and MA-film star Cung Le, in the first round.

When you throw a left roundhouse kick, the lower body swivels clockwise. To maintain balance and conserve angular momentum, the upper body rotates in the opposite direction, and a fighter will typically drop the left hand momentarily to accentuate the effect. This creates a brief opening in the left upper gate. If you’ve seen your opponent do this a few times in a row (and UFC fighters love to pound on their opponents’ thighs with these bruising and wearying kicks), you can lie in wait with an overhand right.

To see how it’s done, have a look here.

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