Raising The Bar

Move over, Tom Friedman! Here, from Sean Penn, is a late entry for Worst Writing of 2012.

It really is just unspeakably awful. Enjoy!


  1. “And by the way, it wouldn’t be a bad example, because in the politics of all of our lives, are young, alienated Americans, who if asked the same questions by us, may be prevented from hurting people.”

    Unspeakably awful? Yes. But I will venture to speak of it:

    And, by the way, naive though it may be, the worldview of the left derives from the misguided idealism of youthful Americans, who if asked any questions at all are likely to reply, “Huh?”

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  2. Bill says

    Malcolm and Henry, you have more strength than I do. I couldn’t get past the first two paragraphs.

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  3. Neither could I, Bill. I skimmed …

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  4. Malcolm says

    I hope you don’t think that I was able to read the whole thing, either. I don’t suppose anyone has.

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  5. Malcolm says

    “Still, while level heads begin to envision the uphill battle for legislations of necessary gun controls, we Americans and our leadership, must be diligent to the nature of the human brain.”

    Level heads, uphill battle. Diligent to the nature of the human brain.


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  6. Kevin Kim says

    I did read the whole thing. Now I have to go rinse my brain.

    If anything, Penn’s spiel felt almost exactly like something written by one of my Korean students—the weird fragments, run-ons, malapropisms, and non sequiturs all seemed so familiar.

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  7. JK says

    I kinda feel guilty here guys. Back a few years when Sean started showing up on my Netflix lists I thought to myself,

    “Gee that guy looks familiar.”

    And it was only after I’d read what he’d wrote (and a pretty fairly deep diven drunk recovered somewhat from) it finally came to me where I remembered where I seen Sean first.

    Mind, I’d never heard him speak aloud anything so I had nothing to match to from having the volumn toggled up watching my Netflix.


    Sean was the guy who sat in the fifth row (I was in the front) of my vo-tech Creative Writng course.

    I got a pretty high “C” – I seem to recall Sean aced the coarse.

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  8. Apropos …

    An Anatomy of a Most Peculiar Institution” by Victor Davis Hanson, December 28th, 2012.

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  9. JK says

    Wyhs come you provide that sort of link Henry, you insemenating I don’t alway convey my peramputations legendly?

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  10. JK,

    My inseminating ways have been passed on to my sons, who have produced several granddaughters for me. And, though your peramputations are both cutting and ambulatory, as well as legendary in this venue, I would never incinerate that they are neglegible.

    My link was offered apropos the faux-intellectual peramputations, penned by Mr. Penn.

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  11. JK says

    Looks like I can pass on happily in the New Year then Henry – thaqnks.

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