This Thing All Things Devours

OK, enough about Syria.

Here’s the video we’ve all been watching, a frame a day, in the mirror. Fantastic.


  1. Dom says

    I don’t think that’s a frame a day, Malcolm. I think it’s several different people of the same family shot on the same day. Then everything was morphed together. Still, great video.

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  2. Kevin Kim says


    I think what Gollum meant by his “a frame a day” remark was that, assuming we look in a mirror at least once a day, we see ourselves aging at a rate of one day per day. One look in the mirror per day = one frame per day.

    At least I think that’s what Gollum meant.

    Did it mean that, Precious? Nasty little Scottishes!

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  3. Dom says

    Re-read the post. You’re right! I missed the idea of “the video we’ve all been watching in the mirror”.

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  4. Malcolm says

    Thanks, Kevin, that was it exactly.

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