Creative Destruction

My Android phone just had a stroke, and I had to do a factory reset. I lost all my applications, which meant I had to go rummaging around to replace them.

It’s turned out to be a blessing in disguise, because I’ve found some nifty new ones, and after blasting away all the cruft that had accumulated over the past four years (yes, I have a four-year-old smartphone) the old beast is running much better.

Among the new apps I’ve just installed are a terrific new chess program called Droidfish, a marvelous little audio recorder called Easy Voice, and an app called SnapPea, which gives you direct access to your phone through your WiFi network. That last one is really great.

Also recommended: a task manager called WatchDog Lite, Google Sky Map, and HDR Camera+.

My favorite, though, is this one. I’ll bet I’m the only person you know who has it.

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  1. JK says

    Well Malcolm … there may be a little tech on the horizon arriving sooner’d predicted … maybe. Depends on whether any more of them Lockheeds becomes “smarter’n th’ average Android” I reckons.

    To be certain our Defense guys are onit

    Good ol’ dependable American Ingenuity.

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