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This is vexing.


  1. Bill says

    Why am I not surprised?

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  2. the one eyed man says

    Hmmm. A link to a right wing wiki, whose source is a Mexican newspaper, about an event which was not reported in any other medium, and whose accuracy and objectivity cannot be confirmed.

    More links, from today’s paper of record.

    Republicans behaving badly:

    The People’s House, redesigned to represent only some people:

    25 GOP Senators filibuster a bill they co-sponsored:

    Notes from the Goys Only Party:

    The march of the religious bullies keeps on keeping on:

    Sad news:

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  3. Malcolm says

    Bypassing all the trolling (it is, after all, not hard to find examples of Democrats behaving badly, and it certainly isn’t the GOP’s fault that most Jews are lefties):

    Are you saying that this agreement didn’t happen? It did. See, for example, here.

    The plan is real, and its explicit purpose is to smooth the passage of Mesoamerican migrants as they flow through Mexico to the U.S. border. (They are, for example, granted safe conduct, with medical care and a 72-hour visa.) President Molina said the plan is intended to enable “orderly migration flows”. It’s all very clear and straightforward, and it’s an increasingly common response to having a horde of tropical indigents flooding a nation’s southern border: just wave ’em north. The southern tier of European nations are doing the same thing.

    You seem to think that it reflects badly on me that I have to dig around a bit to find these things, rather than being able to read about them on the front page of the New York Times (which didn’t, for some reason, consider it “fit to print” at all).

    Update: I did also find a mention of the agreement in the website of a TV station from Laredo, Texas, where I see that a Democratic congressman (who happens to be the son of Mexican migrant workers) is already spinning it as a move to “secure” Mexico’s southern border.

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  4. Malcolm says

    Oh, and yes, very sad news about Charlie Haden. I never got the chance to record him; wish I had.

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  5. JK says

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