Sorry, no post tonight. Too humid.


  1. JK says

    Global reversing of the poles? Too humid “up Nawth” to post?

    Here I was believing everything I read on the Al Gore invented Interwebs was (more even than I’d stretch) the Absolute Truth?

    95 Degree Days in June 2014 Avg Since 2010
    Fayetteville (NW AR) 0 1.8
    Harrison (NC AR) 0 2.4
    Jonesboro (NE AR) 0 10.2
    Fort Smith (WC AR) 1 12.4
    Little Rock (C AR) 0 9.6
    West Memphis (EC AR) 0 6.0
    Texarkana (SW AR) 0 10.4
    El Dorado (SC AR) 0 10.6
    Pine Bluff (SE AR) 0 9.4

    Arkansas set record coolest temps the first week of July. Looks to repeat the third week.

    Last year we beat “Record Low Temperatures” was waaaay back in 2013.

    Get down Malcolm, close to a subway entrance, there I’m figuring to be where the Climate Change is.

    “Some areas of the Ozarks have already fallen to the upper 60s. Lows in the morning are projected to hit the mid 50s. This will be in record low territory in parts of the Ozarks. A much chillier morning is slated for Wednesday which will also be in record territory.

    Highs should remain in the 70s for the rest of the work week. This is the coldest weather in July the Ozarks has seen in nearly 45 years.”


    Global Warming ain’t really so bad.

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  2. JK says

    I forgot to report “the humid South’s” humidity which, I’m figuring, y’all’ll be glad not to be enduring. (Of course to disguise my coordinates I’ll be placing my “flannel-shirted self” between zipcodes.)

    Lat: 36.53°N Lon: 93.2°W — Temp 68°, Humidity 60%, Dewpoint 54°

    Lat: 35.73°N Lon: 91.65°W — Temp 72°, Humidity 57%, Dewpoint 56°


    I know it’s always hotter down here than “up there” so Malcolm, I do hope you didn’t put your wood-splitter away.

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  3. JK says

    Goodness. I had to check.

    84% at Binghamton, 90% at Dunkirk and (gulp!) 91% at La Guardia?

    And …


    Looks to be y’all’ve abandoned the Lord.

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