If the U.S. is going to be involved at all in the Mideast snake-pit — and it appears that it is — then there is one party that stands out as being worthy of our trust and support, namely the Kurds.

They are currently being exterminated, while we shift from foot to foot, inspect our fingernails, and check our watches. Richard Fernandez explains.


  1. Whitewall says

    Based on our fearless president’s past actions, I’m guessing his current “sound and light show” will dwindle after the election.

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  2. JK says



    I’m figuring Whitewall to be less agreeable than I am from time to time with OEM (not exactly an invite OEM just I’m reckoning you to be super-smart and I have to put up with being the only dumb-ass around here

    not OEM you understand anything untoward as I’m doing my best?

    Whitewall (and very likely) Malcolm [and very most likely me] OEM ain’t gonna agree with you in the least – but I’m not a capable arguer.

    But what I miss here – “missing” meaning [TBH – Me?] is not the pretty easy, “Leftard you stupid obviously Obama supporting dumbass – who is therefore a given “Hillary – Vote”

    Now call me a dumbass but heck, I’m from Arkansas and how could I disprove that anyway?

    Uhm … I lost my train-of thought – TBH? We got Thankgiviving comimg up – OEM we’ve got the same … anyway you two can do cogent wherewithalls?

    I wasn’t always a Gentile Rock & Roller.

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  3. Malcolm says

    JK, you should try to get to bed a little earlier.

    Posted October 11, 2014 at 11:53 am | Permalink
  4. The Anti-Gnostic says

    Kurdistan is incredibly under-remarked in the MSM. My hypothesis is there’s a sub-conscious motivation to avoid highlighting the fact that those British and French imperial constructs known as Iraq and Syria are dissolving, and what’s left will be culturally/ethnically homogenous nation-states.

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  5. The one eyed man says

    Thanks for the kind words, JK. Hope all is well out in the Ozarks. Things pretty exciting here, as the local ball club seems poised to compete again in the World Series. For a city not known for being a big sports town like Boston or Chicago, San Francisco does exceptionally well at turning out winning teams. Probably the excellence of our locally brewed beers and sourdough bread helps all that carb loading.

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