Paging Dr. Richter

Everybody’s talking about the unilateral illegal-alien amnesty President Obama plans to announce tonight. (One thing you may not have heard, buy the way, is that it will add as many new foreign workers as there have been jobs created since 2009, at a time when, for example, unemployment among blacks, who will disproportionately be competing for low-income jobs with these illegal workers, is still above 10%.)

The proposed executive action is intensely divisive and provocative in three important ways.

First, it divides socialist, egalitarian open-borders sorts who see a moral imperative for the United States to provide charity and succor to all the world’s poor, even if it ruins the nation, from those who believe that our government, and our President, should put the interests of American citizens first.

Second, it divides multiculturist, anti-white activists from those who wish to defend our nation’s traditional cultural and demographic form.

Third, it divides those who think that the Constitution is a “living document”, and in many ways an outdated one, that confines a modern Executive far too much for these fast-moving times, from those who worry that this action stretches the Constitution beyond the breaking point, and is a direct assault on the separation of powers and a threat to the Republic itself.

The regions marked off by these divisions are not congruent, although there is a great deal of overlap. But the fault-lines that divide them are very deep, and have been locked in place for a long time now — half a century or more — while the tectonic forces dragging them in opposite directions have built up to dangerous levels. All seems quiet from the surface, save for the occasional tremor, but in fact there is, below the ground, enormous energy waiting to be released, with the potential for widespread devastation.

Mr. Obama’s brazen action tonight will sharply increase the strain on all of these fault-lines. It sets the interests of illegal aliens above those of American citizens; it accelerates at a stroke the displacement of the nation’s traditional ethnic and cultural majority (and minority), and it is an aggressive usurpation of the legislative power of Congress. It may or not be the jolt that sets these tectonic plates into sudden, violent motion. But even if not, it is bound to increase the destructive energy when the earthquake finally comes — and come it will.

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  1. Neal Waaks says

    Perhaps the most dangerous multiplier that the shifting demographics will have on these tectonic forces may be its effect on the practical mechanics of disparate impact. Shifting demographics will accelerate the reformation of all social institutions as these fall increasingly afoul of the shrinking boundaries of disparate impact, with its concomitant sanctions. Education, criminal justice, housing, banking – every institution within the public sphere – will necessarily be remade. With immigration, one moves quickly from apologies of “jobs that Americans do not want to do,” through the self-serving “jobs that Americans cannot do,” to the ineluctable calls of social justice: “jobs that must represent the community that they serve.”
    We could not have laid a more dangerous foundation for conflict by design.

    Posted November 20, 2014 at 10:25 pm | Permalink
  2. Malcolm says

    Your point is a good one. We’ve already had a lot of damage in this respect, but it will surely get worse.

    Posted November 21, 2014 at 12:12 am | Permalink