Science Is Never Settled

From the indefatigable JK: a medical story that might be a pretty big deal.


  1. whitewall says

    Well, I know little about this discovery, but Alzheimers and dementia are present in some of my family. These two conditions, especially Alzheimers, are prime causes for exploding health care costs for elderly people. Some cancers are close behind in costs as well. This new discovery holds out some hope.

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  2. JK says

    I think WW, this new discovery, if it holds, will have more ramifications than what we can only imagine at the moment.

    Inflammation generally is a component of just about all the major diseases killing us Westerners.

    But. What got my attention was something my dear ol’ Dad used to insist, “There’s something about that Chinese medicine that’s not appreciated in our medicine.”

    Unlike blood, which flows throughout the body in a continue loop, lymph flows in only one direction — upward toward the neck — within its own system. It flows into the venous blood stream through the subclavien veins, which are located on either sides of the neck near the collarbones.

    There’ll have to be more than textbooks changed – the people who edit Wikipedia are gonna all be haywire for awhile.

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  3. JK says

    Not exactly recent but;

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  4. whitewall says

    I suppose that may be why I always heard of lymph glands and the lymph system. Always a term that meant on its on and different. We shall see.

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  5. JK says


    Incidentally, to be sure I’m no medical authority nor do I play one on the internet. My Dad was an MD, spent some time in China after WWII then, when I was a little kid Dad when not on duty (USMC base TwentyNine Palms) worked with a private practice MD who was Chinese.

    (Keeping my bona fides intact, I was birthed in Arkansas. Spent my piddling years only in California.)

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  6. JK,

    Californicatia is where piddling years go to be spent.

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  7. JK says

    Durned tootin Henry.

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  8. Kevin Kim says

    “There’ll have to be more than textbooks changed – the people who edit Wikipedia are gonna all be haywire for awhile.”

    The people who edit Wikipedia need to learn how to spell “subclavian.”

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  9. Kevin Kim says

    (Or the people who edit Live Science.)

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  10. JK says

    You’re right Kevin. I caught three spelling errors tempting me to go with the Wiki link with only my needing a good illustration keeping me to the one.

    Now, had I found an instance of rein, reign or rain I’d gone with Wiki. Regardless.

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  11. Musey says

    Eh, JK, should I be surprised? Nah. You’re a clever bastard. (as they say in Oz, and it’s a compliment)

    In rein, reign, rain or shine, you’ll keep going.

    Nothing more to say.

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