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OK, for a change of pace, here’s a tribute to Ringo from Vinnie Zummo, a guitarist I used to work with. Very Beatle-y indeed.


  1. JK says


    Good way to see the month of June 2015


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  2. JK says

    Ya’ll forgive me?

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  3. Whitewall says

    That was a nice change of pace.

    When it comes time to refocus, this link is by He who is so good at focusing..

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  4. JK says

    Whitewall, when Mr. Greenfield posts on stuff like Islam I can’t think of an occasion he ever managed to elicit from me what I’d call a substantive disagreement. However when he turns to analysis of ‘DC in general’ I fairly often find myself more or less at odds.

    Expecting [the DC Republicans] to care as much about your issues as you do is unrealistic. .. They will only do the right thing insofar as it helps them .. A, B, and C (at which point I’d add a D, The Patriot Act – more on statute stuff follows) And this is a good thing. It means that they’re controllable.

    As our host put it, as recently as 10:40 pm on the 25th, “… the elected (and thereby accountable, at least in principle) representatives of the people … ” — I noticed in the follow-on comments nobody – not even the usually ever dependable One-Eye took issue with our host asserting that “at least in principle” part.

    No matter how many judges sign off on it, it has no legitimacy. It will never have any legitimacy.

    Nowadays getting to a point where one can obtain a Final Ruling of, ‘this charge is plainly not legitimate’ can be a dicey proposition. As some wag said, “The Process is the Punishment.” (And, given recent experience with how our Supremes interpret “legitimate” I’d call that a double-dicey proposition.)

    The only way conservatives can get anything done now is by threatening business as usual. .. Don’t do anything illegal.

    I expect Whitewall, you’re familiar with the UCMJ Article 134? How NC handles that sort of stuff, indeed most of the states of the Republic, can’t say as I know. The body of Arkansas statute provides, notably, a couple of handy dandy remedies for taking care of anybody “threatening business as usual” – I’m sure there are others but these two I’m particularly knowledgeable about. (Thank God and the Izard county law library.)

    §5-71-207 though not particularly onerous has a pretty low threshold for anybody threatening that “as usual” stuff – all one need do to find oneself scheduled with a Court date is to “be annoying” – indeed I’m personally aware of a plantiff asking a Judge, “Would then farting in church be disorderly conduct?”

    “Only if it annoys another person” which, after a normal Saturday night for certain individuals I reckon any such fart would. Fortunately it’d be a misdemeanor fart under Arkansas’ Title V. However given that just violating 71-207 makes it possible for “persons enumerated with the powers of arrest” to order a 48 hour hold during which such 48 hours “further investigation” might reveal that, rather than just being an annoying person – such person might be (I suppose if, after the cops cuffed the individual who had the temerity to fart in church annoying somebody – then squeezed another off in the presence of the cops) might be “scaled up” to … Obstruction of Government Operations – §5-38-205.

    Contrary to what some conservatives like to believe, the left did not suddenly show up here in 1963 or 1905 and disrupt a formerly peaceful country. The left has always been here. It’s a part of us.

    And Whitewall, as you yourself have [paraphrasing] said, ” ‘ … the Republicans will just occupy the ground the Left has gained leaving the Left free to take new ground for the Republicans. ‘ ”

    Now I don’t find disagreement with everything Mr. Greenfield posits in this post, he did include, “That’s for younger people.”

    I would merely observe “the younger people” recently have been about as useful to conservative principles as has The Supreme Court.

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  5. Whitewall says

    Well JK, you know I would run a mile in too tight shoes than disagree with you strongly. But I’m not sure we read the same Greenfield piece. Republicans-the organized mass of opportunists in Congress–are not really who are the total focus here. It is more we the people, not necessarily “going Galt” but staying engaged in life and doing what he mentions. If you have read “Rules for Radicals” and recall who the book was dedicated to, then that sort of act local but plan global is the suggestion. This will be slow. But the Left always moved slowly until recently when they seized all opportunities in front of them and got what they wanted by “any means necessary”. This gain is illegitimate and some illegal. Corrupted, defective and at the same time it is also informative and clarifying. Greenfield is talking to us who oppose and a style of opposing.

    Also, I know the book “1984” was on your college reading list. It was not just a good piece of futuristic literature but as we are seeing, it is an operational manual for the current Left and their SJW activists. Its themes are a “how to” for Lefties and new recruits within young impressionable Democrats. It is an intro to the abuse of mass power against an enemy, even if one person, with little risk to the SJW apprentice. Heady stuff for aspiring fascists who don’t know it yet. In time these types of people go too far and turn people off and turn on each other too.

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  6. JK says

    We read the same piece Whitewall.

    But I’ll give that this month, particularly, for me has been trying.

    From the very first day to, oh I guess yesterday. I suppose I have allowed the virtual world to intrude itself into the personal. Or the other way round. Whatever, I don’t seem to be having much fun recently.

    On the bright side – Fourth of July is right around the corner and Man I am stocked!

    Good thing I’m in a county other than Izard ’cause I’m gonna be really annoying for a couple hours after it gets dark.

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  7. Malcolm says

    Don’t forget to count your fingers before and after, JK.

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  8. Whitewall says

    I’m not too keen on the 4th anymore. Independence Day? Us, independent? More like dependence day. We have traded one Monarch for another Monarch and his Black Robed Bishop(s).

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  9. JK says

    Made certain Malcolm, this year I’ve gone with fresh stars to burst in the air … and I’ve tinkered with fusing. So far so good but thanks for the caution/concern.

    North Carolina’s losing a customer Whitewall may be why I’m getting such good deals in recent years. Thanks to you too.

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  10. Malcolm says

    What I miss are cherry bombs (and M-80s). I guess they just don’t exist any more…

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  11. JK says

    They do actually, just that (at least in Arkansas) those must be detonated as “an airburst no less than 75 feet above ground level.”

    My son-in-law however informs me he can obtain the things in an adjoining state. Oddly enough that state being among those where marijuana can be legally purchased as well.


    I used to attend an annual get-together outta Grand Junction where – one of my fellow attendees working with the BLM; another formerly with the Agency – we would scurry off to the hinterlands of Utah with our cherry bombs and wrist-rockets. A week of drunken mayhem in the boonies ensued.

    *Last notable time I witnessed a cherry bomb involved a guy who’d trekked some distance from camp to take a dump. One guy “particularly adept” with both wrist-rocket and timing rocketed a cherry in the direction of the mentioned mesquite. The detonation was directly overhead the evacuating guy. Had he been standing …

    Quite a hoot.

    Don’t know I’d be so enthusiastic reliving those times with marijuana now so ubiquitous.

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  12. whitewall says

    Fireworks like you dangerous fellas are talking about are illegal in NC. Besides, with dynamite in short supply, the fishermen have taken all the cherry bombs and M80s for “fast fishing”.

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  13. JK says

    What Whitewall, don’t your fast fisherman have access to carbide anymore?


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  14. JK says

    Vinegar and hydrogen peroxide?

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