Here’s another strong and detailed post from M. G. at Those Who Can See, this time on the “refugee” crisis in Europe. Take the time to read it all.

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  1. Musey says

    I’ve read this Malcolm, not for the first time, and I don’t disagree at all, not in principle, or fact.

    I never comment on your posts that relate to the USA and its citizens. I am not one, and I don’t know your laws, but in the last post (comments) you remarked that people used to go on holiday and come back enriched (I’m remembering here, not quoting) and having loved the experience of a different culture, were glad to be home.

    Who ever visits Nigeria, Pakistan, or Mongolia? Did anybody ever go on holiday there? I wonder why not?

    Today, people in the darkest corners of the world have the internet which shows them a better place. They will come, and they really will not miss home.

    This is not a hostile comment. I truly worry about the logistics of Syrians and Africans deserting their own countries in order to get a better life, in the process destroying the place they move to, but I know and understand why.

    There will be trouble.

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  2. Whitewall says

    Europe will die from suffocation. Right wing parties will emerge to protect their people in different countries. The first job of every government is to protect its citizens.

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  3. Malcolm says

    Hi Musey,

    People do go to Mongolia on holiday; as it happens my daughter’s boyfriend did just that over the summer. I think the tourism trade for Pakistan and Nigeria is probably a bit thin, though, and with good reason.

    Like you, I don’t blame good people from bad nations for wanting to come to the safe and prosperous societies that white Europeans have created. It’s a perfectly rational thing to want to do. (I do blame people who explicitly want to transform and destroy them, and that goes equally for jihadis and Democrats.)

    There will be trouble.

    We agree completely, it seems.

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  4. Musey says

    Yes Malcolm! It wasn’t intended to be a comprehensive list. I just meant that there is a mass exodus from the hell-holes of the world into the more desirable places which is placing great strain on limited resources.

    I notice that Angela Merkel is now suggesting that Europe should close its external borders. A bit of a U-turn from a few weeks ago when she appeared to invite millions to come and live in Germany, and then was surprised when they all started to turn up on the doorstep.

    I notice also that some of the new arrivals are being housed in empty commercial properties which, if the owner does not offer up the premises voluntarily, are taken over anyway.

    I’ve spent a bit of time in Germany and these people are nothing if not meticulous, polite and efficient. I would imagine that compassion fatigue has set in already.

    Meanwhile, we in Australia await the arrival of 12,000 Syrians before Christmas. They will be mostly settled in western Sydney which is already a haven for Islamists. Rather sneakily it has been decreed that most of these refugees will be from the “persecuted minorities” which the more cynical amongst us take to mean Christians. Of course, the powers that be have been forced to deny that there will be any discrimination on religious grounds. No doubt there will be a few token Muslims so that such charges can be “emphatically denied”

    Meanwhile, a couple of weeks ago a fifteen year old boy waited outside a police station in western Sydney and executed the first random person to exit the building. People are starting to hate, and that is dangerous.

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  5. Loki says

    Jeez, if only someone could have seen any of this coming.

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  6. Whitewall says

    Musey, we read about that cold blooded murder in our news here in the US. Humans will hate when given a reason to. Soon after, people will act.

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  7. Musey says

    Whitewall, everyone has gone mad. I have to say though that the Syrians are worthy of our compassion because they have been driven out of their country by war. There was a man that I heard on the news this morning and he had arrived in Croatia, only to discover that the Hungarian border had been closed. So, there was the reporter talking to him because he could speak English well enough to convey the despair. He just said “May God bless us” and it did make me feel ashamed, because I would happily accommodate a good person like him in my house. It’s just that a lot of these people fleeing the war zone look like very fit, young men who have left their families behind to deal with everything on their own.

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  8. whitewall says

    Musey, that is the unknown. European authorities have noticed the demographics of many in these migrant groups and the number of young men would, on a percentage basis, outnumber the percentage of men in the US military. What kind of man would abandon his wife and children? No kind of man in my book. A jihadist would do it though. He would sacrifice his wife and children. I do find it telling that the wealthy Muslim nations in the region don’t want them and don’t care how they are perceived by the rest of the world. Only the modern Christian West is wrestling with this nightmare.

    The link Malcolm gave us at the start of this thread has a companion link a few days back and is instructive as to what kinds of people compose various refugee groups, where they are from and where they want to go and why. JK was the distinguished discoverer of the blog referenced then.

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  9. JK says

    Have a care Whitewall ol’ Pal, you might not know but I head Musey’s Shit List!

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  10. whitewall says

    JK! Shame on you!

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  11. Musey says

    JK, honestly, you’re wrong and I have no idea, where you got that idea, because it isn’t true.

    I’ve always liked what you write and when you made some very smart reference a while back, which I didn’t understand at all, because I didn’t know who you were referring to, it didn’t stop me from recognizing how very clever you are.

    Sometimes JK, we can speak the same language and miss the nuances. Your gift, I think, is that we don’t speak quite the same language but I do know what you mean. Intuitively. It doesn’t get better than that.

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  12. JK says

    I know Musey. And I appreciate you as I’m aware you appreciate me. F’instance me being on a Shit List isn’t, necessarily, a bad thing. Not at all.

    You know I garden, that I cultivate, that I’m from Arkansas where we, generally speaking, don’t take too much to the commercial-scale fertilization process that gives so much stuff without being particularly “nutritious.”

    So I use bullshit, horseshit, and sometimes when my desired mustneeds are only to come from the more boney lands, chickenshit.

    And I got to hand it to you Musey, somehow you always manage to intuit that.

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  13. JK says

    Felt, Musey, as this here blog Malcolm hosts is for the “reading studiously” general purpose world – I might better come back and extrapolate (so a wider audience can grasp what we two are on about) types of shit.

    Be sure to check the comments (for the “Hall Monitor”).

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  14. Musey says

    JK, I’m not a studious reader. I’m a superficial, let’s gloss over and get the gist type. My teachers called me out for being slap-dash and lazy. They weren’t wrong.

    These days I am a rather mature woman who retains all those juvenile traits that it might reasonably be hoped that I would grow out of. Some things are forever.

    I will always use too many commas and never see them until it’s too late. Malcolm’s very thoughtful editing five minutes is of no use to the slap-dash, because they don’t look until later.

    I understand you very well JK. Your contribution to this blog commentary is the quirky response, clever and off-beat. The OEM is just the opposition, written well but maybe lacking sincerity. Whitewall is the perfect, intelligent gentleman and I like him very much. Henry is the curmudgeonly type who can be a bit dismissive….of everybody. Malcolm is the deep thinker, super clever and very well read. He knows of which he speaks and is never slap-dash. He is the guy who lets us know that you can never throw away your dictionary.

    I love you all.

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  15. JK says

    “Nail Soup”

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