And Now For Something Completely Different

Under development: the pinniped space-program. Here.


  1. Whitewall says

    Something tells me this orca knew where the cameras were. Pretty amazing footage about the oddities of nature’s creatures.

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  2. Humans have been known to engage in similar activity.

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  3. JK says

    @ Henry

    At first blush I think I’da gone with “there orter be a law agin that” but after a little deeper thinking Henry – as the politician rightly points out (and the politician is, presumably, getting paid too for much the same)

    In October 2011, Ritch Workman introduced legislation that would overturn the ban on dwarf-tossing, claiming such a ban to be an “unnecessary burden on the freedom and liberties of people” and “an example of Big Brother government”. Although not a personal advocate of the activity, Workman stated “if a little person wants to make a fool out of themselves for money, they should have the same right to do so as any average sized person”.[14]

    I mean I think I could come up with a list of politicians I’d like to see take up bungee jumping or something …

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  4. Whitewall says

    Dwarf tossing?? As the kids say, OMG! I’ll bet the PC crowd wet themselves.

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  5. JK says

    Plans include a visit to Batesville Arkansas?

    Be nice.

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  6. What are the Batesville police using to bait their prey?

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  7. Whitewall says

    Open caskets and vaults with drugs inside.

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  8. I get the drugs, of course, Robert. But “open caskets” eludes me. Must be some sort of Christian reference (my peeps don’t do open caskets).

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  9. Whitewall says

    Henry, I need a “do over”. Batesville, Indiana makes caskets. Not Batesville, Ark. I might catch it for this boo boo.

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  10. Batesville, Arkansas should pass a law against other towns bearing the name “Batesville.”

    Jeffery Hodges

    * * *

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  11. Such a law would be moot since no other town need abide by Batesville’s ordinances. Also, Arkansas can pass such a State law, but it would only prevent other towns in Arkansas to choose that name. America — such a country!

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