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In what I think is called “must-see TV”, Neil Cavuto interviews one Keely Mullen, of the Million Student March, on the details of her plan. Here.


  1. JK says

    Having had to go to the serious length of switching browsers in order to listen to Trigger Alert “Poor” (what was her name) ‘Keely'[?] I find my *Ozarks-Challenged-Ass* wondering if, perhaps, rather than FOX’ Neil Cavuto that young *lady* might’ve been better advised to query Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill whether there are extant, means to get a “free college” degree, Senator Claire I’m pretty sure probably knows – as I myself do:

    But Jesus Christ. From what I’ve seen of Keely she’d probably be so … uhm, reckon it’s acceptable “feelings-wise” for me admitting to being challenged Keely could handle [?] oh, f..k it, figured to be so dumb as to ask if John Deere himself might be her advisor?

    Personally speaking, I think Keely would look good on green and smelling perfumed Eau de Diesel.

    But only because she looks to lack the stamina to pull udders at the dairy barn.

    The College charges no tuition for full-time students, due to its student work program and donations. The program requires students to work 15 hours a week at an on-campus work station and two 40-hour work weeks during breaks. A summer work program is available to cover room and board costs.[4] The college refers to itself as “Hard Work U.”,[5] and places emphasis in “character” education.

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  2. What’s wrong with you guys, “there’s always going to be a 1% and it’s not fair!”

    GA has HOPE scholarships, which are funded by the GA lottery. So, high school students with a 3.0 GPA can attend any state college for free. Governor Zell Miller started the program in 1993, so that’s over 20 years of seeing how “free college” works:

    In 2011, the state decided to revamp the program:

    “On average, only 30 percent of students keep HOPE throughout their college career. Here’s data from colleges popular with metro Atlanta students. The figures reflect students who entered as first-time freshmen in fall 2004 and graduated by spring 2010.”

    I doubt the numbers will significantly improve, as the fixes to the program all center on blaming everyone, except the students themselves for failing.

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  3. Read my lips: Unless every freshman at every college and university is required to take Economics 101, we are f*cking doomed as a civilization.

    And, unless every potential college student can demonstrate reasonable competency in arithmetic (i.e., can make change at a cash register that doesn’t do it automatically) in order to matriculate, we are totally f*cked.

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  4. JK says


    Just a gentle FYI about the apostrophe to indicate insertion of, on the letter of how an otherwise Expert would have it (from 11/12/15 nearabouts 11:24 am )

    The research arm of the Princeton Physics Department looked at 500,000 first contacts and concluded that correct use of apostrophes was appealing.

    Twist Phelan, an American writer who went on 100 online dates in 100 days and later married someone she met online, says grammar is a vital “filter system”. It shows care has been taken when sentences are grammatically correct.

    Colonel’s magazine Bad Grammar Awards recently named and shamed a letter by academics for saying that the national curriculum demanded “too much, too young” – thus confusing an adjective and an adverb.

    But Princeton hit back in a leader attacking “grammar scolds” who worry more about rules than clear, idiomatic English.

    As I recently mentioned, words are my friends.

    Y’all be cool.

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  5. Whitewall says

    I just listened to Keely and Neil. That poor girl. If her family is on government aid programs just to keep her in college like she said, then her time would be better spent busting her rear end in the library or similar. She can make her family proud by studying hard and succeeding. Not by becoming another pawn for the Collectivist Narrative that ruins so many students.

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  6. Whitewall says

    Henry, I’m not sure college Econ 101 would be any help. It may depend on what econ theory and even who is teaching it. My wife graduated college in 1968 with a degree in Economics and Business–very rare for a female back then–and her econ 101 made little sense to her. Now the making change at a cash register…a real one, would go a long way. Punch punch pull, repeat, punch total pull.

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