Not To Worry

Jim Geraghty continues to stay on top of the San Bernardino attack. In today’s newsletter he points out that the late Tashfeen Malik, the distaff member of the duo, had been passed a Homeland Security anti-terrorist screening during her application for a K-1 visa. (We haven’t heard any word yet on whether Ms. Malik was a widow or orphan.)

Nevertheless, we can rest easy about settling ever-increasing numbers of Mideastern Muslims here among us, because they will be “vetted”.


  1. F*ck the f*cking Leftist motherf*ckers.

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  2. Whitewall says

    I’m sure the Obama Homeland people are working on how to safely vet “intent” and “subject to self radicalization”.

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  3. Every part of the immigration process is a failure, heck, they don’t even keep up with those who overstay their visas and have no clue who is even in our country.

    JK posted a link at my blog recently – from 2008, which detailed how the largest part of the legal immigration program was for “family reunification and the State Dept. had some program to expedite the process for refugees from Africa (especially Somalia). After questions were raised, they did DNA testing and found out that only 20% of these people were actually related, which led to a suspension of the program.

    One of the news stations reported that Ms Malik came under some provision of being engaged to an American.

    The entire refugee process begins with UN refugee camp workers doing the careful vetting, followed by the contracted US religious charities raking in millions of federal dollars for providing “refugee services” and only after the refugees are here does Homeland Security supposedly vet them. So, basically the State Dept contracts it out to UN do-gooders with no loyalty to the US – you know the types who generally run to aid Palestinian refugees (leftist ideologues), then in the US religious charities enter the competition for federal dollars.

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