It Don’t Mean A Thing?

Here’s an interesting item: a novel gait identified in Russian officials. Learn more here.


  1. whitewall says

    Maybe Comrade Putin has always carried his gun in a shoulder holster under his left arm.

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  2. JK says

    Overheard during an emergency called meeting of radio and TV copywriters from outlets extending from North Carolina to the northern half of Arkansas:

    “If pulling text from Fox News and or CNN be certain to remove and replace with the words Good Talker every single instance where a national outlet has released for voice broadcast the words, Master Debater.”

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  3. Would a “Doctor Debater” be a “Better Talker”?

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  4. JK says

    Dadgone Henry, I had to make a return trip to my local radio station.

    Both “Doctor Debater” as well as “Better Talker” according to the handbook are, in the former case, two too many and in the case of the latter, one too many syllables. Just an fyi Henry, the word “better” is considered to be generally only applicable when County Fairs an’ Pies (pickles in some few instances) are being discussed.

    And no Henry, I ain’t driving all the way over to look at the Fair Handbook.

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