Festering Europa

Gates of Vienna has posted two video clips taken from a discussion panel at the latest CPAC conference. The subject was the fate of Europe. (At this point it might well be a post-mortem; Europe has already gone far beyond the “tipping point”, and is now, barring a full-on revolt by its indigenous peoples, nothing more than a cut flower.)

The speakers are Lars Hedegaard and Paul Weston.

Mr. Hedegaard asks: why did Europe’s leaders allow this to happen?

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  1. djf says

    It seems to me that the US may also already be “beyond the tipping point.” Even though we don’t have as much Muslim immigration, our elites seem determined to turn us into Brazil by transferring the entire peasant population of Central America and southern Mexico to our fair land. Meanwhile, the government seems determined to confer some sort of quasi-official status on Islam and to promote it through the public schools. Conversion to Islam is common among minorities and presumably will start to become common among the educated, as is already happening in Europe.

    At this point, it’s difficult to see any prospect of a change in direction. Trump, IMHO, is a complete fraud on the immigration issue (on which he was very recently on the other side) and, in the unlikely event of his election, would give us amnesty (except for felons!) and vastly increased legal immigration, rendering his wall and any increased border/visa enforcement meaningless. The “best” of the other GOP candidates on this issue (Cruz) is not particularly reliable, based on his past positions. As for Hillary and any other Republican, it is a forgone conclusion that, in league with the Speaker Ryan, any of them, once in the White House, would deliver a retread of the Gang of Eight forthwith.

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  2. Whitewall says

    “why did Europe’s leaders allow this to happen?” Because politicians will always take the easiest way out that keeps them in power. The unprotected public can go hang. I started following Gates of Vienna when I heard about the mass violation of women New Year’s eve in Cologne. Does the German male still have the inner male instinct to protect even to kill? Decades of radical feminism may have done their damage. If so, German women will suffer terribly. Same in the Scandinavian countries. Appealing to politicians won’t help. It may become necessary in some countries for the military to remove sitting governments, and take on the invaders themselves. I hope fire arms are finding their way into the hands of willing Europeans for their own protection. There will be bloodshed

    In addition, Leftists have been degrading the entire European culture and institutions. In such a social breakdown as is coming, I hesitate to say this for several reasons…but, once armed and looking for known enemies, I do hope some fed up armed citizens will thin out the leftist population. That is what a Balkan style civil war can look like. Once they start, it is difficult to end them. Payback I can assure you, is a powerful motivator.

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  3. Bluefin Tuna says

    “…barring a full-on revolt by its indigenous peoples…”

    That’s the REALLY terrifying prospect. Everyone seems to be internalizing the peacelovenhappiness jargon of Europe’s post-’45 elites, to the point where we’ve forgotten a few salient data points:

    -Within living memory, the sitting French government was effectively overthrown by a right-wing military coup.
    -As recently as the mid-90s, a white paramilitary/terrorist organization was setting off powerful bombs in the hearts of major English cities. In 1984, they even came within a hair’s breadth of killing the PM. These weren’t the kind of random-mayhem, maximum-splatter explosions favored by hot-headed jihadi yoof, either, but carefully-targeted strikes forming part of an organized long-term guerilla strategy.
    -Less than two years ago, Ukrainian protesters turned the heart of their capital city into a fortress, went toe-to-toe with riot police, and overthrew their elected government.

    Other examples abound. Europe’s been atypically quiet for so long that we’ve allowed this kind of behavior to drop out of our conceptual framework for what Europeans are capable of doing, but forgetting what Europe was like during the entire first half of the 20th c. would be a dangerous mistake. As crazy as it sounds, Italians probably haven’t entirely forgotten the art of assassinating disliked politicians.

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  4. Malcolm says

    Europe’s been atypically quiet for so long…

    Yes, this is big part of what’s happened all over the West: we have just seen a very long period of nearly unexampled peace and prosperity. The West’s cultural immune system was greatly weakened by this; the present generation of Westerners might as well have been raised in a sterile bubble. (Hence their extraordinarily infantile frailty and sensitivity.) This state of weakness was the perfect opportunity for the Gramscian virus to do its destructive work.

    But as you say, the old defensive systems, though long suppressed and weakened, may spring back to life surprisingly quickly.

    The choices are grim now, I’m afraid, and there’s is no pleasant way forward. How sad to think that none of this had to happen.

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