The American Nations, 2016

With yet another hat-tip to hbd*chick, here’s a very interesting item from “Jayman” on Trump, democracy and demographics.


  1. Kevin Kim says

    From the article:

    “In other parts of the country, more clannish Whites dominate.”

    That’s an infelicitous turn of phrase.

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  2. Whitewall says

    Very interesting maps. So far as time permits, the “tidewater/greater Appalachia” demarcation is spot on for my family and our ancestors. We came from south west England and central England in the late 1600s and early 1700s. The central England ancestors had a “whiff” of Norman among them it seems. We rarely mention that.

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  3. Whitewall says

    The more I look into this site of “the American Nations”, the better it gets. It seems my region-the Tidewater/greater
    appalachia- nation is holding its own and even growing at the expense of those up the northeast corridor. I won’t use the one descriptive of that nation next to the Dutch nation because it has for so many generations been used like a slur in these parts. I only hope our voting patterns can hold as new comers arrive. We don’t need their voting contagion to do here what was done “up there”.

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  4. Doug says

    JayMans piece is prologue from my perspective, it is seriously cautionary. The scope and richness of the human terrain can not be underestimated, never mind dismissed. It is at ones peril to do so. As the old axiom puts it, “Those who ignore the past take the dirt nap first”.

    There are many in the liberty movement who fret over what is referred to as possible Balkanization of America due to consequences of the mess those running things are making of our country. The potential reasons notwithstanding, I find the idea of Balkanization fascinating. I think you have to look at it from a perspective of how history is circular, and the fact America does have a history of Balkanization, though it is definitely unlike the Baltic style of breakup, it is wholly American.
    The decades long Patriot movement leading up to, and during the revolutionary war fractured the entirety of the confederation of colonial states, and even though they where considered by many, who specifically were not loyalists and Tory’s, to be individual sovereign states and where working towards that end, or as nations, though they didn’t speak of themselves as nations, it was more as people who possessed divine primal rights of sovereignty, who lived as tribes and community’s, not beholden to a king or parliament, but independent people, living in areas not unlike the maps in the article JayMan wrote. The Loyalist population at the time far out numbered the Patriots, with various areas populated to one degree or another by a majority, or plurality rather, of one or the other. This fractured the many of the colony’s, and along with the British Army waging conventional war with General Washington, and 4th generation counter insurgency war, and the scorched earth campaigns waged up the mid atlantic, which made Sherman’s march to the sea tame in comparison, Balkanized Georgia, the Carolina’s, southern parts of Virginia, and after Gage resigned and returned to England, and the Tory’s regained political control of Parliament, the scorched earth strategy of destroying the Patriots rebellion via total physical and moral decimation of the colony’s became the British military’s mission. Where they had the resources to do so they where exceedingly brutally successful. Where not, they got their butts kicked by the guerrilla war fighting techniques employed by the Patriot forces not directly under Gen Washington’s command.
    This took place on a lager area land mass than the Balkan’s.
    Move forward to the Civil war, or I believe more correctly, the war of northern aggression, and again history plays out as above in terms of the cultural and political fracturing of a nation and people.
    But what is really interesting here, is regardless of the administrative/centralized tyranny of the federal Leviathan over the states, each state is in truth an independent, well, State, with the lawful and moral right to nullification and secession, really the abolition, from and of the federal state, or any tyrannical power for that matter. Of course the societal and cultural will of the people of each state has to decide these things for themselves and overcome the political factors involved which has given us administrative tyranny to begin with. A tall order indeed, but only limited by the will and spirit of a determined minority who refuse to submit any longer. And today we are seeing signs of a myriad of acts of nullification of the feds specious and illegitimate “laws”, regulatory acts, and usurpations. The geographical and cultural heritages, traditions, and economic dynamics are what created each state, shaping what they are today. It is the Human terrain which factors in most. I think too, the political has for too long, on its false and provenly failed promise of managing peoples affairs, has indeed failed, and the time is inexorably approaching where a fracturing, a “Balkanization” if you will, of the “Union” is taking place. The Human Terrain again is critical, where self determination, unfettered economic activity, hence prosperity and happiness, Liberty really, is a desired state by a determined plurality, and its motive power and audacity, regardless of naysayers and statist minds, has such a power to be a balkanizing factor in the coming future. It is secession in the hearts and minds department of a vast plurality, it has taken on the character of a preference cascade. It is history in the making. We have seen it daily for sometime now. It has manifested itself in many forms since the Clinton crime syndicate assumed power in its first regime. Maybe even earlier with the appearance of Ross Pero. After all, Reagan was an insurgent presidency, and one which inspired millions towards the ideas of individual liberty, something the man wholly espoused. Formation of Constitutional Militia’s in the 90’s and the war waged against them by the Clinton DOJ and FBI/ATF, Newt Gingrich’s Contract with America, The Tea Party, resurgence of the idea and formation of citizen defense militias currently finding their footing, and the never ending war against them by the same state actors, the insurgency campaign of Donald Trump, and the accompanying cultural and political war waged against it and its adherents. This stuff is circular, we keep coming around again in general terms to the same things, but the crux of it is liberty verses the tyranny of the state, and secession from it and its abolition by a determined minority. And each time we go through some form of Balkanization.
    This go around is looking like a doozy.

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