C’mon, FBI!


  1. Got link?

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  2. Kevin Kim says

    Henry beat me to it.

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  3. TransMuppet says

    In lieu of linkage, context or substantive commentary, one can only assume this exclamation is somehow Hillary related…

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  4. I guess Malcolm doesn’t need no stinkin’ link to get a conversation going:)

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  5. In lieu of linkage, …

    And in lieu of shrinkage, there’s this:


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  6. gay edgar's dream team says

    fbi demanding ios source code?

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  7. Malcolm says

    Yes, Hillary-related, of course. She had a big night in the primaries.

    Long-time readers will recall that I made a wager a while back that she would not be the Democratic nominee. (At the time I hadn’t thought the Democratic field would be so uncrowded.)

    Now I’m starting to worry that I’m going to have to rely on the rule of law to win my bottle of whisky, and that’s a pretty dim prospect in America these days.

    Of course, there’s always bad health, too, I guess. Hope springs eternal.

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  8. I have always tried to avoid the primaries season like the plague that it is because there is really no correlation between winning/losing and anything akin to reason. But I somehow had a hunch that the clownish commie was merely a thin veil for HRC’s coronation. Y’all did know she has declared it to be her turn?

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  9. Hope springs eternal.

    Even if he weren’t dead, Bob Hope would not have been a spring chicken.

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  10. Troy says

    … I’m going to have to rely on the rule of law….

    The rule of law, like the former Republic of the United States, no longer exist. It is simply a zombie that continues to stumble around. That so many have voted for her shows the moral degeneration of the a large number of the populace of the former Republic.

    I prefer Jagermeister over whiskey. German genes and all.1

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  11. Malcolm says

    I prefer Jagermeister over whiskey. German genes and all.

    I’m Scottish. Uisge beatha for me, please.

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  12. Ashkenazi of eastern European heritage — vodka for me.

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  13. Whitewall says

    Such gentlemen of refinement! I’m honored. Each and everyone I’m sure has a “fine steady hand” on the bottle.

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  14. Such gentlemen of refinement!

    What’s your favorite “refinery”, Robert?

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  15. Whitewall says

    Henry, a good one for starters and from deep in moonshine country.

    Nary a soul I’ve met there has a drinking problem. Though 2 or 3 have a stopping problem.

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  16. Robert,

    We’ve been to Ashville from Durham, where we lived when my wife was at Duke (graduate school).

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  17. Doug says

    Malcolm, Is this what you reffered to?

    ‘November 2016 Depends on One Man. It Is Not Trump.’

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  18. Malcolm says


    Yes. And that’s an encouraging item. Maybe I will get my whisky after all!

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  19. From Doug’s link:

    If Comey deep-sixes the findings, the political dance goes on.

    Will he deep-six it? I don’t know. It depends on his sense of justice.

    I think it really depends on whether or not he is principled. Because in politics, there is no sense of justice. “Winning isn’t everything; it’s the only thing” is a well-known quotation in sports. And so it is in politics.

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  20. Doug says

    I believe Gary North is one of the most insightful trustworthy writers alive today. Leave it to North to figure this FUBAR out.
    This is the North who wrote Political Polytheism, and Conspiracy In Philadelphia. North pegged it all those years ago:
    “…The Constitution removed Christian religious tests as the judicial requirement of the judges and officers of the new national government. That, in and of itself, delivered the republic into the hands of the humanists. Nothing else was necessary after that. From that point on the secularization of America was a mopping-up operation.”

    I mean take that to its inevitable conclusion.
    The truth here, this government is so freakin’ far off the reservation, that this one guy is in the singular position to do the wrong thing that gives him so much power, and giving the precedences over the last few decades, I’m brutally cynical about the prospects the course of doing the right thing will be taken. It is probably too late for that as such things go, as the right thing should have been done from the moment the reality of what the Clintons have done was discovered. You can’t take back acts of treason and complicity to treason, like you can’t take back a bullet, it has gone past the treason and political/financial crimes involved, it is now become an outright act of conspiracy to perpetuate treason by absence of legal and moral action by every one involved. The complicity between these government actors, the media, the judicial system, and the political class leaves no doubt this government has no resemblance to the definition a government. It is an organized crime syndicate in every way shape and form.
    They sure did “fundamentally transform America”. transformed it into a banana republic.

    How long till toilet paper shortages show up.

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  21. Doug says

    how about a little genuine WV corn likker?

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  22. How long till toilet paper shortages show up.

    Not very long I suspect, Doug. That’s why I’m still reluctant to donate my printed books to the local library (I’m a convert to Kindle books).

    You did say I could keep my Kindle didn’t you? :)

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  23. Doug says


    Posted this for you BigHenry

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  24. Thanx, Doug. I needed that.

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