… So Shall Ye Reap

Jihad has struck the Continent again, this time in the capital city of the tolerant and progressive European Union. (Violent instability is centripetal, the analysts say. It has arrived.)

I’ll say it again: to allow mass immigration of Muslims is the stupidest and most irreversibly self-destructive thing that any Western nation can do. (The depth of this continuing incomprehension is on display in today’s Politico headline: “Why Do They Hate Us So Much?”)

But there is stupidity enough to go around: if the aim of jihad is to bring Europe into the Dar al-Islam, then this is the wrong way to do it. Such attacks may well awaken whatever remains of the West’s badly damaged immune system. (The Muslim Brotherhood, and those who operate its many front groups, CAIR, for example, understand this. Their sensible preference for “dawa” jihad over terrorism was the reason for the Ikhwan’s split with al-Qaeda.) The truly effective jihad — the slow and steady conquest of Europe not with bombs, but with wombs — has been underway, with brilliant success, for decades, with the eager support and assistance of those who have ruled for so long in the name of the European peoples.

If, however, the goal of these jihadists is only martyrdom in a continent-wide civil war, then that’s another matter. It may well come to pass — but only if, should all else fail, the West still has the virility to defend its thrones, hearths, and altars against this ancient and implacable foe. Parts of it still do, I think. Better war than submission.

The cognitive dissonance of the ruling classes, and the great rift between the indigenous people of Europe and their universalist overlords, will now deepen. Look for further instructive examples of Auster’s First Law.

The great tragedy is that it never had to come to this. Europe now gathers the harvest of its terrible unwisdom.


  1. Ah, the unrelenting Left in Europe. What bloody fools (pardon my British). Their beat goes on …

    Also, it is worth noting the platitudinous political reactions of the Leftist flavor, both here and abroad. Their beat goes on, too …

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  2. djf says

    The split between the Muslim Brotherhood (and its fronts) and the Islamist groups that carry out violent jihad in the West may be more apparent than real. I get the feeling that there’s a good cop/bad cop routine going on, both in Europe and the US.

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  3. Malcolm says


    Others have suggested this; I am not inclined to agree. The peaceful conquest of Europe was proceeding beautifully, and high levels of violence are bound to be counterproductive.

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  4. Whitewall says

    May the examples of Auster’s First Law be quick and thereby cause the rift to expand and deepen quickly. For the sake of Europe it must. An invasion must be stopped and then repelled, with bribery if needed or by force if it comes to it.

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  5. …, and high levels of violence are bound to be counterproductive.

    Stalin and Mao dispatched tens of millions of their own people. Did that have any effect whatsoever on the worldview of the Left? Not in the least. In fact, they doubled down on their intransigence. They are totally immune to any and all scales of calamity with respect to their fanatical belief system. Just as are the Jihadi who are killing them.

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  6. Malcolm says

    Stalin and Mao dispatched tens of millions of their own people.

    “…of their own people.”

    This, by contrast, is an alien invasion, by an enemy that has confronted Europe many times before. I have no doubt that those in charge in Europe will do whatever they can to tamp down rising resentments, but an aroused Europe may suddenly break the spell that grants them power.

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  7. Well, I hope you are right, Malcolm. I would love it if I’m proven wrong in being so pessimistic.

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  8. Malcolm says

    Did that have any effect whatsoever on the worldview of the Left? Not in the least.

    Nor will this. But what it will do is encourage the rise of a new Right that stands against them.

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  9. Again, I hope you are right (and that the new Right is right in the same way as you are).

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  10. djf says

    Malcolm, I can see the logic in your position that the MB’s opposition to violent jihad in the West is real. But I point out that there is a very broad base of sympathy and even support for jihad among Muslims who don’t actually engage in the violence; as far as I know, there are not “jihadist” mosques and “non-jihadist” mosques – everybody prays together (e.g., the Tsarnaev brothers attended the leading mosque in Boston); and – given the perverse irrationality of Western leaders, whose response to jihadist violence is to condemn “Islamophobia” and further advance Islam’s quasi-official status, the violence actually does further the Islamization of the West, notwithstanding temporary crackdowns on terrorists (as is happening right now, for obvious reasons). Counterintuitive, I know, but the terrorism seems to cause the ruling class – the government, the media, big business – only to double down on promoting Islam and demonizing its critics. We are governed by real sickos.

    The self-preserving reaction you expect the terrorism to generate never seems to come. I don’t think it ever will. Hope I’m wrong about that.

    I acknowledge that I’m no expert and I might very well be wrong. But, for the time being, this is how it seems to me.

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  11. But, for the time being, this is how it seems to me.

    Me too, Dan. I hope we are both wrong though I am somewhat apprehensive about how right-of-center the “new Right” might drift (if you catch my drift).

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  12. james says

    Oh Worry Not!

    Here in Europe we will fight back.

    Those damned terrorists will quake at the sight of Twitter Hastags, buildings illuminated in the Belgian colours, some simpering fool who will turn up to play “Imagine” on a white piano and, no doubt, an impressive display of flabby European leaders who will descend on Brussels, and who will denounce the terrorists as wholly unrepresentative of the Religion of Peace.

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  13. Musey says

    You only need to read the UK popular press to know how enraged the average “man in the street” is, and how impotent they feel because the ruling class carry on regardless, with some nutty agenda that they control.

    How this has gone so far, I have no idea. I think it’s just an ideal of tolerance and acceptance taken to the nth degree, and decent people not wanting to appear racist.
    It has to go both ways, and often it does, and I feel sad for moderate Muslims everywhere who will be subjected, en-masse, to suspicion and hatred.

    Sometimes, it is possible to misunderstand, to call racism out where it isn’t there. To be stupid. Sometimes, people follow up a tweet which is supposed to be “satirical” with a post about “an evil religion” and no, it wasn’t Islam. It was Catholicism. It can look like a theme, or a mind-set, to simpletons who are incapable of understanding.

    It can also be deleted. It was.

    Just to be clear: not by you Malcolm. You are a principled man, and you don’t delete entire posts in order to make yourself appear blameless.

    No more from me. Goodbye Whitewall, I love your gallantry and your old-fashioned manners.

    And to JK, who hasn’t spoken to me recently, cheerio, and I hope it all goes well for you.
    I think you’re a great guy with such a different way of looking at things. So clever and funny, and good.

    Henry, you’ve wanted me gone for a long time. So, you win.

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  14. Whitewall says

    Musey, you are very kind but what has brought about your leaving us? I know you are about to leave for your previously announced inspection of Europe and England, but you will survive it I hope. I hope to hear a report of your impressions while there. Have a safe trip.


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  15. JK says


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  16. james says

    There has been an arrest in England, related to the bombing.

    It sums up, quite beautifully, where Europe is heading.


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  17. Sounds like Europe has already arrived, james.

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  18. djf says

    Malcolm, this is the type of thing I have in mind when I say that Islamist terrorism causes the establishment to accelerate their promotion of Islam and demonization of anyone who disagrees:


    This is just beyond parody. It is as if, after a bombing of an abortion clinic, there were headlines reading “Authorities concerned about backlash against the Pro-Life Movement.” No matter what the facts, the narrative of Muslims as “victims who are enriching our society” must be maintained. The MB front groups don’t even bother to condemn the attacks, they immediately launch into attacks on anyone who ventures the opinion that they ought to condemn it.

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  19. It’s beyond parody, exceeding lunacy, and beneath contempt. Not to mention suicidal.

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  20. Malcolm says


    As I said in the post, we should expect to see Auster’s First Law in action. Voilà.

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  21. It is altogether fitting and proper that we should sympathize with innocent people who may suffer verbal abuse for the crimes of their coreligionists. But, in a larger sense, do the bleeding-heart Leftists have no leftover sympathy for the victims (and their loved ones) who have already suffered death, maiming, and general mayhem at the hands of the murderous swine? When it comes to an equitable distribution of caring for all the innocent parties, why are those who have suffered most from the crimes against humanity left out of the mix? Are only the perpetrators of mayhem and their coreligionists worthy of any sort of meaningful consideration?

    Platitudes like “we hold them in our thoughts and prayers” are only meaningful to those who profess such holdings. But they are just bullshit to everyone else who has a modicum of common sense and decency.

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  22. djf says

    I don’t condone “verbal abuse” of anybody. But I do think that we in the broader society have a right to expect supposedly mainstream and nonviolent Muslim organizations to forthrightly condemn terrorism coming out of their community – without immediately launching into passive-aggressive ranting about imaginary “backlash” from non-Muslims – and to take steps to assist the authorities in uprooting and extirpating terrorist organizations from their communities. And the rest of us have a right to complain when the most prominent Muslims organizations, which have been showered with praise and given influence within the government by the Obama administration, fail to meet this standard of basic decency.

    I hasten to add that there are genuinely peaceful American Muslims organizations, which do not seek some sort of quasi-official status for Islam, but these organizations are treated by the Obama administration and the MSM with disdain.

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  23. I don’t condone “verbal abuse” of anybody.


    I fear that you might have misunderstood my above comment to imply that you condoned abuse of any sort. I assure you that it did not. My comment was in support of your own comments in a somewhat broader sense. It was meant to be read as a general criticism of the Left’s sympathy for the perpetrators of terrorist attacks, for the perpetrators’ vocal and tacit supporters, as well as for their apologists.

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  24. Malcolm says

    …we in the broader society have a right to expect … a right to complain …

    And exercising neither of those rights accomplishes anything whatsoever.

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  25. djf says

    No worries, Henry.

    Malcolm, I realize that exercising those rights isn’t accomplishing anything, but at least our doing so should not be maligned as some kind of “bigotry” or “hate.”

    Ultimately, the problem is that Americans generally are no longer capable of thinking straight about their own interests or the values they would like to pass down to their children. As the founders recognized, a republic cannot govern successfully (as opposed to continuing to function with worsening results) when it has such a confused, irrational, ill-informed, and cynical public. This is why it has not yet become possible to organize an effective political opposition to the lunatic bipartisan governing regime. Some see Trump as the beginning of such an effective opposition, but I do not.

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  26. JK says


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  27. Musey says

    Whitewall, It was just a bit of an on-line spat of no consequence, but it got a bit nasty. I wish I had never reacted. I thought that Malcolm maybe took his side. He’s entitled. No big deal. A definition that I was supposed to understand was a joke, right alongside a carry-on about the evil religion which was pretty serious, and subsequently deleted. Call me stupid, but those who scream anti Catholic stuff are the same people who don’t tend to like the Irish. My father remarked on the bewilderment of the British soldier who had no idea that most of Europe was Catholic.

    I’m not a religious person. I never believed a word of it. I do respect the rights and sensibilities of those who do believe.

    I’m off next week. It’s a short trip, but it should be fun.

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  28. Musey says

    Malcolm, I promised that I wouldn’t email. This is my more impersonal space, which I suppose that you’ll see in due course.

    I continue to read. Your commentators are generally far more intellectual than me so you’re missing nothing. I may be different, but that doesn’t mean that being put down all the time feels nice because it doesn’t. I don’t want to be “different” because I’m not very clever. I just want to be able to chip in without being patronized.

    Bear in mind, that I’ve lived my life surrounded by almost everyone being cleverer than myself. Not difficult, I know.

    I leave on Saturday. Maybe the break will do me good but still, I’ll probably look in here on my travels.

    Oh, and if this comes over as woe is me, wailing nonsense..that’s not it at all. I’m upbeat and happy. That’s me. My default position. It’s the best place to be.

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