On Intentionality

Commenter “Jacques”, last seen (by me, at least) over at Maverick Philosopher, has joined our recent thread on consciousness and intentionality. (Discussions on older posts can often go on unsuspected by other readers, so I thought I’d mention it. Also, it’s a nice change from the grim topics we usually handle around here these days.)

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  1. Whitewall says

    I was glad to return to that conversation at MP of a few months ago. Who knew that terms and definitions could spark such thorough and deep thinking, resulting in quality debate! I enjoyed it. Jacques certainly brings his “A game” to a conversation. As is frequently the case with me though, I wonder if these sorts of debates and this deep thinking actually take place on the political and cultural Left? I’m guessing no. They have no time for it or use for it. The simplest and easiest path is that which moves the masses fastest and farthest.

    As to the ongoing conversation here, unbeknownst to most of us unsuspecting innocents…a good description of us I’m sure…Jacques has indeed brought his “A game” again as has Malcolm as usual. But the subject matter is well beyond my wheel house, sort of like me participating in tennis at Wimbledon. I am delighted to watch and might even applaud lustily at appropriate intervals.

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