Equal Time

It’s “Equal Pay Day”, so here’s a video by Christina Hoff Sommers on this evergreen gripe.


  1. There are basically two approaches to making a living in a society such as ours: (1) honorable; and (2) not so much. The former approach, also known as “the old fashioned way”, involves taking advantage of whatever opportunities one has for education, honing marketable skills, gainful employment, honest business ventures, and honest investing. The latter approach seeks to game the system in various unsavory ways, ranging from the disingenuous to the criminal.

    One of the gravely disingenuous approaches is demanding reparations from “society” (or the government, which taxes society) for putative or fantasized past victimization. Among the foremost practitioners of that approach are the card-carrying members of the so-called “feminist” movement.

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  2. Whitewall says

    Making a living or taking a living? I have a strong feeling that we are in a lull, sort of like the ocean tide all of a sudden receding to extreme distance, thereby exposing many different things littered across the exposed sand. Then the tsunami comes and recovers the ground and continues inland destroying all in its path. Something has to break.

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  3. I was going to write “earning a living”, Robert, but I realized that it only applies to “the old fashioned way”. Gaming the system isn’t what I would call a form of earning.

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  4. Whitewall says

    Henry, it is an odd way of wording things at times. When I had my business, I earned an income as I tended to it all the time. Now in retirement, we have income from all our assets which is classified by the IRS as unearned income! That term has an unseemly feel to it.

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  5. Robert,

    The IRS uses its own nefarious definitions to maximize taxes. I stick to traditional (“old fashioned”) definitions, whereby “earnings” comprise remuneration for services rendered or gains from capital invested.

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