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  1. “…, the desire to amplify the black feminist brilliance of black LGBTQ people across generations is a polynomial, a problem with many variables to address.”

    I’ll bet dollars to donuts that the very first variable these black LGBTQ people will address is the discrimination they suffer as a result of having to choose between male/female gender-specific bathrooms.

    The only reasonable solution, of course, will be a Presidential directive for separate (but equal) bathrooms in all public venues to accommodate this long-suffering demographic of “polynomials”, AKA “people of color and sexually perplexed”.

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  2. gives a whole new meaning to ‘transitive property’

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  3. Whitewall says

    grey enlightenment, I enjoyed your comments on Scott Sumner’s piece over at Social matter.

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  4. Troy says

    So does 2+2 still equal 4? Or is that some sort of patriarchy/racism/cultural appropriation?

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  5. As far as the Left is concerned, 2+2 can equal whatever they would like it to equal.

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  6. When you get to be my age almost every topic of conversation reminds you of an old joke:

    A man takes the reins of a corporation when his father retires. His first day as President, he calls in his chief legal advisor and asks him, “How much is 2+2?” The lawyer responds, “There is a very long case history for it to equal 4, but I’ll get my legal team on it to make sure there are no exceptions.”

    The President then calls in his chief engineer and asks him the same question. The engineer replies, “We have mountains of experimental evidence that in the macroscopic world the reality specifies it is 4. But just to be absolutely sure, I’ll get my team on it to check for subtle differences.”

    The same question is asked of the accountant. He leans in and in a whisper asks the President, “How much would you like it to be?”

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