Our True Present Danger

Adam Walinsky, a career Democrat, has written a lucid and persuasive essay to explain why he will be voting for Donald Trump.

It begins:

I was a Democrat all my life. I came to Washington to serve President John Kennedy and Attorney General Robert Kennedy. When the president was murdered and his brother struck off on his own, I joined his Senate campaign and staff as his legislative assistant and speechwriter, until his presidential campaign ended with his own assassination. I ran on a (losing) Democratic ticket in the New York state elections of 1970. When I was working to enact my own program of police reform in the 1980s and 1990s, then-Governor Bill Clinton was chairman of my National Committee for the Police Corps.

This year, I will vote to elect Donald Trump as president of the United States.

So profound a change, and a decent respect for old friendships, requires me to deliver a public accounting for this decision.

Here it is.

I won’t quote the rest. You should go and read it all yourself.


  1. JK says


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  2. JK,

    If you want to encourage people to follow your links, it would be helpful to include a brief explanation why you think it is worthwhile to do so.

    So much to read; so little time …

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  3. JK says

    Well TheBigHenry the word “sad” is there.

    I guess I’d ought add … suggestion?

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  4. JK,

    Suggestion? OK, the word “sad” by itself doesn’t tell me why I should read it. I don’t particularly want to read anything sad; it might make me even sadder than I already am.

    So maybe something like, “This article, which reports something sad, may actually make you happier.”

    Like that.

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  5. Kevin Kim says

    The comments appended to the article are very telling as well.

    At the top of the comment queue:

    “Adam, you are an old white confused borderline racist. Phuck off!”

    The comments are telling… but not enlightening.

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  6. Whitewall says

    I finally managed to read the long article and it is worth the read. We have seen an endless parade of GOPe get their shorts in a bunch and become anti Trump as a matter of “principle”. What principle or which I’m not sure of. For them to support a known felon and proven pathological liar like HRC must reflect some other kind of “principle”. Maybe a status quo, pass around the graft principle?

    Some of us have been wondering just where is the long line of Democrat luminaries who can’t support the vile HRC because of “principle”. At least Adam Walinsky has the courage to declare his intent and then the courage…I imagine Democrats would call it nerve…to give details as to why.

    All this election season seems to be signaling a political realignment I think.

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  7. JK says

    Well! It would appear Baskets of Deplorables have set sail and taken to sea.


    (How’s that TheBigHenry?)

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  8. JK says

    Oops. Trigger Alert!

    A picture of Hillary Clinton Angela Merkel near the bottom of the above link.

    My sincerest apologies if I’ve not pre-empted.

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  9. JK says

    Yeah okay. The one entitled “Words Can Cause Real World Harms.”


    Well at least now the Trigger Alert! is timely.

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  10. JK @ September 24, 2016 at 11:29 am

    Better. Unfortunately:

    Sorry your page could not be found
    We could not find the page you requested. This is either because:

    There’s an error in the address or link you have entered in your browser;
    There’s a technical issue and the page has not been properly published;
    The article was removed to comply with a legal order;
    It is an older article that has been removed from the site.
    If you believe that this is a technical error, please contact us and tell us the location of this page.

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  11. JK says


    See @ September 24, 2016 at 12:27 pm. The post of ’13 Sep.’

    Bonus. Scroll down and maybe steal copy the picture … for probably future use … labelled ‘Idiots.’

    You’ll note the characters are gazing toward the …

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