Alt-Right, or Wrong?

There’s a lively discussion on the “alt-right” underway over at The Maverick Philosopher, if you’d like to have a look.


  1. I posted the following:

    While I am glad to see someone taking the Alt Right to task, you approach it in a way that is fallacious at its core. The truths they speak of are cultural truths, not mathematical ones, although surely there is some overlap.

    Culture is choices. Choices are not linear deductions, but forward-looking aesthetic estimations. There is no way to “prove” that living in huts and eating bush meat is not superior to the first world way of life. We choose it because we see advantages in it.

    The Alt Right is a war against modernity. It denies equality by looking into genetics and differences of ability. This rejects democracy and other illusions like diversity, but also, shows us the possibilities of a civilization with hierarchy.

    There is no way to objectively prove this life is better for everyone because it is unmeasurable. That does not mean it is not scientific, only that you have to kick out the STEM nerds and bring in the philosophers instead.

    I am glad he is discussing the Alt Right, but the nonsense at the start of the post also deserves critique.

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  2. Malcolm says

    Well, you have to remember that Bill is going to approach everything with a professional philosopher’s precision and rigor.

    I’m glad he’s doing this. He’s not one to shy away, generally, from a controversial or difficult topic, and he’s usually very willing to be persuaded by argument (unlike nearly everybody else you’re likely to discuss these things with).

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