It’s been a busy week, with scant time for writing. So just a couple of brief notes:

First, it was a month ago tonight that an amazingly wonderful thing happened: we sent the Clintons packing. I still can’t believe we really did it. But we did!

Also, I should note the death of John Glenn. I’m old enough to remember when those seven astronauts were American icons, and to remember John Glenn’s being the first American to orbit the Earth. What great things we were capable of in those days, when America was still a virile and confident nation! Perhaps we will be again. (And perhaps not. But at the very least, I’m a little bit less pessimistic about that than I was 31 days ago.)

John Glenn was a brave and disciplined, decent and patriotic man. I’ve never heard a thing to make me think otherwise, and I hope I never do. He was a good man for boys of my generation to have as their hero. May flights of angels sing him to his rest.

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  1. redan says

    I’ll defer to your ‘I hope I never do.”

    De mortuis nihil nisi bonum

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  2. Malcolm says


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