Careful What You Wish For

Here’s an unsympathetic op-ed piece — from the New York Daily News, of all places — on the Left’s desperate campaign to annul the recent presidential election by subverting members of the Electoral College.

The author, Michael Tracey, writes:

Such a move would be rightly labeled a kind of hostile coup, as it totally flies in the face of all established convention, and would mark a point of no return in American politics. Henceforth, all bets are off.

Those advocating for this strategy should admit what they are demanding — that centuries of settled precedent be summarily tossed in the trash, in pursuance of a short-term political objective: blocking Trump. The advocates should admit that they are so virulently opposed to Trump, and view him as such an acute danger, that they are willing to fundamentally upend the United States electoral system. That’s what this would be.

A “hostile coup” is scarcely an understatement; that is certainly what it would be seen as in the vast geographical majority of the nation that supported Mr. Trump’s candidacy. (You know — that part of the country where the well-armed people who grow all the food live.)

President Obama, in a characteristically blinkered and narcissistic presser yesterday, lamented “how divided, partisan, dysfunctional our political process is”. If, against all the odds, this Democrat putsch succeeds on Monday, what follows will make our current social and political divisions look like The Love Boat.

Is that really what these people want? One does get the feeling that they haven’t quite thought the thing through.

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  1. Aren’t all “these people” advocating treason?

    the crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to … overthrow the government.

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  2. President Obama, in a characteristically blinkered and narcissistic presser yesterday, lamented “how divided, partisan, dysfunctional our political process is”.

    As if none of this can be attributed to his eight years of the most divisive administration in our nation’s history.

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  3. Sauerteig says

    “… in a characteristically blinkered and narcissistic presser yesterday…”

    It’s always mildly amusing to pick apart these absurd pronouncements. Here’s something that jumped out at me: “Around the world as well, there are hotspots where disputes have been intractable, conflicts have flared up, and people, innocent people are suffering as result.” Passive voice across the board.

    Actually, you can make it active voice too: Today in Syria, violence killed several innocent people. Truly, violence is a leading cause of suffering (and disputes are a leading source of violence — especially in conflict hotspots).

    Posted December 18, 2016 at 8:32 am | Permalink
  4. Whitewall says

    The electoral college is one way we sustain our “Republic, if you can keep it” against the modern Left. It seems HRC’s popular vote majority came from surplus votes in California. That might be another avenue of grievance if the EC was done away with. Just who are these surplus voters? On the Right, we have our suspicions. The Left would fight to the death to keep us from discovering the truth.

    A “hostile coup” on Monday? No, and my better judgement keeps me from writing down what open season on all of the Left can look like.

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  5. Whitewall says

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  6. Is that really what these people want?

    Do these people really want to live in an America where the results of an election, in which 137 million Americans voted, can be overturned by the machinations of 538 members of the Electoral College? Seriously? Really?

    Once something like this happens, no future election could ever be relied upon to settle such a political contest. The electors would become the targets of virtually every rich and powerful special interest group via intimidation of one form or another.

    Can these people really want that for their own country? Really?

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  7. Olorin says

    Think it through?

    Tracey’s second paragraph quoted above–I thought that that was the globo-elites’ and their propaganda-stuffed dissenters’ entire point. To complete the lefty mob’s masters’ makeover of the US system by using the horrible hitler klanaziness of Trump and his deplorable followers as both excuse and distraction.

    I thought the whole point was to overturn our political system. Precisely so that they can do away with the irritating/inconvenient stuff.

    Like elections whose results surprise them, because they were too busy polishing the champagne bottles and pre-signing copies of the TIME cover, believing that if you just call people enough bad names and tell them they’re horrible, they’ll vote for you in expiation of their sins.

    Of course I’m cynical about the left, having been way too close to it in/around the Ed Biz and NGOs for three decades. The danger I see is that the rank and file lefties’ reactionary grounding is emotive, but they think (have been coached to think) that they are the bestest and smartest thinkers of all. They can prove it by the strength of their emotional reactions.

    Put there by 50 years of propaganda campaigns with a century’s experience in cultivating and harvesting Useful Idiots.

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  8. Whitewall says

    Nietzsche’s warning: “whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster.”

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  9. Malcolm says


    What they want is to maintain sovereignty, however they can. On that I’m sure we agree.

    My point is that this tactic, even were it to work, might set in motion a train of events that would ultimately, in terms of their own interests, be suicidally counterproductive.

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  10. This from NPR:

    ‘Faithless’ Electors Mostly Came From States Clinton Won

    Only one thing left to say about the Left — “F*ck ’em if they can’t take a joke!”

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