I’m Trying…

I’ll confess that its been a little hard to get back “up to speed” here since our little vacation. While we were away I was almost completely disconnected from the Internet, and from the news media. I thought I might draft a few posts, but the days and nights were full, and I never even switched on my laptop.

The timing was good: after the intense run-up to the election, and the achievement, at last, of what had seemed an all-but-impossible dream — the defeat and ruination of the House of Clinton — I’d been feeling somewhat spent. I knew of course that this was just a battle won, and that the war still raged, but it did seem a good time for a little shore leave — especially as I suddenly found I had nothing much to say. It was good to “unplug”.

The thing about writing, though, is that if you stop doing it for even a few days, you get a little rusty, and if you stop for very long at all it’s hard to pick up the thread. It’s exactly the same as the physical lethargy one feels after having neglected one’s exercise over the holidays and putting on a few pounds (which, just to make matters worse, I will confess to as well).

So, I’ve been looking over the news, but it’s mostly all the same: the tantrums of the Left in the wake of their staggering defeat, more of America coming apart at the seams, more terrorism, more entropy. What has stood out, if anything, is the speed with which all journalism, all media, all commentary, all communication, are turning into a buzzing fog of noise and shouting and confusion, in which shocking apparitions and lurid phantasms suddenly loom and vanish, and through which we all are now groping to find our way.

I wrote some time ago that the human world was like a gas in a rapidly shrinking container, and that with everything now impinging upon everything else the pressure and temperature would sharply increase. About such a state of affairs, I wrote:

This is a very small, and very disorderly world. Collisions are so frequent, and of such high energy, that it is hard for orderly arrangements of matter to form; they are battered to pieces as soon as they do.

And here we are. Nevertheless, I’m trying to catch up, and get back into the old rhythm. As I said, I’ve been reading the news again. Some of it’s been rather steadying, in fact — a reminder that some things are comfortingly constant. For example, this headline from the Daily Mail:

Disturbing moment a bull MOUNTS a stricken female bullfighting dwarf after knocking her to the ground in the middle of a fight

There’s video, of course. Here.

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