Dear Diary: I Can’t Believe He’s Gone.

Barack Obama has left office, and in a weepy item called “Obama’s final ride into a wet, foggy California night“, the Washington Post grieves. (The article was written by “Greg Jaffe”, which seems an odd name for a teenage girl. I had to squeegee estrogen off the screen several times to maintain legibility.)

This eulogy for a broken love-affair did provide two points of insight:

“He may be the least sentimental guy I’ve ever met,” marveled one top aide from his first term.

“Marveled”. Gotta love it. Anyway, as we suspected: a distinct lack of normal human empathy, a common symptom of psychopathy.

Also this:

Even as the country grew more angry and polarized during his presidency, Obama believed that his shape-shifting identity, and ability to empathize with Americans of all races and backgrounds, could help him bridge deepening divides.

Right: delusional too, as we also knew all along.

So, here we are. President McDreamy’s out, and the new guy’s in. Poor Greg Jaffe may be sitting home eating pints of ice cream and sobbing into her pillow, but I think the rest of us will manage, somehow.


  1. Sniffle.

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  2. Whitewall says

    With Obama’s eventual return to DC, he and his leftist henchmen will use the media to set up a shadow government or government in exile. They think this is Latin America. I believe with Obama soon to be running his mouth, it will be a gift to the Trump people as a constant reminder of what brought the new marshal to “Dodge”. Many Dems I suspect would just as soon Obama shut up and go away. He cost them dearly over 8 years.

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  3. LetsPlay says

    If AG Sessions goes after Hillary, I think Barry will stay clear of DC and will stay quiet as he will want to stay below the radar. But hey, I’ve been wrong before!

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  4. Bluefin Tuna says

    I disagreed with basically 100% of his agenda, but I never personally detested President Obama the way I did the Clintons. As awful as he was, it’s easy to forget that he could have been much, much worse (he did, after all, keep Mrs. Clinton out of the top job). Certainly, a John McCain victory in 2008 would have taken us a lot closer to the brink of World War III. Decades of affirmative action and preferential treatment have severely warped his perception of his own talents, but I doubt he’s actually a psychopath (a diagnosis that might actually hold true for former President Clinton). He strikes me as a basically decent human being whose crazy, self-loathing mother saddled him with a deeply repugnant ideology and a massive chip on his shoulder. If he had been sent to live with his father’s family as a child, he’d likely have grown up to become a fine President of Kenya.

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  5. Whitewall says

    This is so good I can’t think of anything to say…so I will start making dinner.

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  6. “…, he’d likely have grown up to become a fine President of Kenya.”

    I’m not sure the little petulant 0ne will ever grow up. But if he does, he can still go to Kenya and be their president. If he can’t manage adulthood, however, he can at least be their resident.

    Dollars to donuts, none of those scenarios will ever come to pass. Too bad.

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  7. Malcolm says


    Decades of affirmative action and preferential treatment have severely warped his perception of his own talents, but I doubt he’s actually a psychopath…

    I wouldn’t bet against it. He seems a classic Dark Triad type to me: narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy.

    Dark Triad men are often very successful (and of course Barack Obama was obviously so, having rocketed to the highest political office in the world), and frankly I wouldn’t have minded having such a person as president if his talents hadn’t been used to attack so much of the traditional American nation.

    Perhaps it’s worth quoting Moldbug here. From his essay “President Obama, with a little perspective“:

    Congratulations, America! It is accomplished. The One is appointed. Or anointed. Or whatever.

    There are – or at least, were – lots of plausible candidates for chief executive who don’t have any kind of murky ties to murderous political fanatics. I mean, duh, you know, if history teaches us any lessons, I think one of them is: “don’t elect leaders with murky ties to murderous political fanatics.

    But wait – exactly how is President-elect Obama connected to evil?

    Well, first, um, he’s, um, how can I put this – a communist. With a small ‘c,’ as his friend Billy Ayers so nicely puts it.

    I’m not even going to start to belabor this point. Arguing that Barack Obama is not a communist is like arguing that Mitt Romney is not a Mormon. Barack Obama is a communist by birth, breeding, education, and profession. His grandparents were communists, his parents were communists, his teachers were communists, his friends are communists, his colleagues are communists, he’s a communist. Duh.

    So: president of Kenya? That would have been swell. If only we had been so lucky.

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