NYT: Political Violence? Go For It!

In this torrid political season, if your sympathies are with the Left, you may have been saying to yourself:

“Boy, I’m frustrated! I can’t believe we actually lost!! It’s so unfair!!! Is it OK now if I just go out and assault people I disagree with?”

Well, I’ve got good news: the New York Times feels your pain. As far as I can tell from this item, the answer just might be “Yes!”

Just make sure that before you go out and injure anyone, you call him a Nazi first.

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  1. Whitewall says

    A sneak attack and then run no less. A sure way to make somebody a martyr and an increase in followers. An attack like this is immoral and the attacker is now lower than his victim. The more the Left acts out on camera the better. No matter if it is a one off like this or their orchestrated, funded agitprop like the Democrats rioting and burning in DC during the inauguration. The ladies marching the next day after losing is more of the same. All serve to remind people why Democrats lost and will continue to.

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