Never Interfere With The Enemy When He Is In The Process Of Destroying Himself

Behold Sally Boynton Brown, an industrial-strength ethno-masochist who wants both to “have a conversation” and “shut other white people down”.

(If you’re a student of political language, by the way, and you’re looking for examples of Orwellian phrases that mean exactly the opposite of what they say, it’s hard to beat “have a conversation”.)

I can’t think of any examples, throughout all of history, of any ethnic group despising themselves, and seeking their own abnegation and extinction, in the way that large numbers of white people are doing today. (I mean it: I’m really stumped here. Readers?)

Ms. Brown is standing for the job of head of the Democratic National Committee. I hope she gets it; she might even be a better choice than Keith Ellison.


  1. Whitewall says

    I don’t know, the Swedes seem pretty determined to erase themselves and look “virtuous” doing it. This Sally Brown must really want the job badly as she has let “white guilt” turn into a mental impairment. Or she is just campaigning by the only means she is capable of doing and maybe has no talent for the job. These self erasing people seem to be only Leftist in some form.

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  2. bob sykes says

    I don’t think this is self-hatred. She obviously thinks that she, herself, is a goodwhite. More likely, this is a hypocritical attempt to exploit the bigotries of the Progressives in order to get wealth, power and fame. Those three explain it.

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  3. JK says

    Uhm … I may’ve missed something.

    Where’d Debbie Weaseller-Schwarzenegger go?

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  4. Whitewall says

    JK, with any luck Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz has gone to the “infernal regions”.

    No doubt, everyone noticed today that Allman Brothers Band co-founder Butch Trucks died. Take one guess what age he was…69.

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  5. JK says

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  6. Malcolm says

    Very sad to hear about Butch Trucks. Mary Tyler Moore has just died, also.

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  7. Malcolm says

    Yep, JK, that Derek Trucks (Butch’s nephew) is one hell of a guitarist.

    As it happens, I linked to this very video myself, back in 2012.

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  8. JK says


    Matter of fact I remembered the post and so, I hit your category “Music” and simply scrolled down.

    (Just think of it as a little memory check Malcolm. A refresher of sorts. As much for myself really just because I’m always marveling at how the passage of time seems so … well …

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  9. Whitewall says

    Jacksonian America would call Manning a “traitor” too :Trump calls Chelsea Manning traitor, Wapo offended.

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  10. WW,

    The Offender-in-Chief! They say that offense is the best defense. They also say, “F*ck ’em if they can’t take a joke.”

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  11. Nathan says

    I’m not sure it’s accurate that large numbers of whites are seeking their own extinction. What we really have is more common: a group using foreigners as pawns in a civil war.

    There are examples of a Pretender from the British isles inviting a foreign King with his army to defeat his domestic opponent. There’s also the example of a Roman emperor (forget which one) allowing a barbarian horde inside the empire to augment his army.

    Even when America was >90% white, Lincoln enlisted Africans in his effort to defeat southern whites. Lothrop Stoddard noted with disgust, and Hitler also in Mein Kampf, the new development in WW1, of whites using negro and other racially alien elements against white enemies.

    Less than 100 years ago, Stoddard was a polyanna in forecasting the overthrow of the white world-order. The situation has reached a dire stage that even he couldn’t have predicted: the enemy is now inside our nations, in such large numbers than they can credibly threaten to ally with “foreign” compatriots from the global south (along with the traitor whites and (((whites))) at home) to overthrow us.

    Whites like this Sally Boynton Brown need to be somehow brought to understand that what they’re doing constitutes high treason.

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  12. Malcolm says


    There’s also the example of a Roman emperor (forget which one) allowing a barbarian horde inside the empire to augment his army.

    I believe you must be thinking of Theodosius, who used Alaric’s Goths against the Western Roman Empire. (This was, it should be noted, shortly before the sack of Rome by those same Goths.)

    The key difference between the examples you give and what’s happening now is that in the earlier cases the aim was a purely tactical gamble in pursuit of self-preservation. This is very different from the widely held view among white liberals that their own people are morally attainted and actually deserve to forfeit their heritage and pass away from the earth.

    By the way (and please forgive the pedantry):

    …Stoddard was a polyanna…

    I think you meant to say “a Cassandra“.

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