Do I Stand Corrected?

In an earlier post, I castigated President Trump for a “blunder”: not exempting green-card holders from his U.S. entry-restriction list.

Scott Adams argues that this might not have a blunder at all: that to restrict them first, then exempt them after all hell broke loose, was, perhaps, a carefully considered move.

Perhaps he’s right (which is, of course, to say that perhaps I’m wrong.) Read his explanation here.


  1. Trump has very successfully aligned all of his enemies into a social movement that does not understand itself at all, and is thoroughly alienating the Ordinary Murricans who voted for Trump. His move on immigration was designed to force the issue, and to make any future actions appear gentler in contrast, leading to their acceptance. We have seen this pattern before: he does something bombastic, the Left spergs and the press wails, and then he dials it back… to the position he wanted in the first place.

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  2. Whitewall says

    Scott makes a good case and has been right before about these matters. This attack on a mosque in Quebec is puzzling. The cops have caught the perps but I don’t see any release of names yet. Maybe they suspect a wider network of people involved?

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  3. Malcolm says

    I may indeed have been mistaken here about whether this was a blunder or a gambit.

    Regarding the shooting in Quebec, I think they would have released the shooters’ names at once if they were ethnic Europeans, as it would have given the Narrative a tremendous boost at a very opportune moment. We’ll see.

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  4. Troy says

    Malcom. I am glad that you were right and Hillary Clinton was not elected. That she was actually nominated goes to show the rot.

    Don’t beat yourself up about “blunders.” If there is anything I have learned it is to not underestimate Trump. Give some issue a few days to stew. Why? Because Trump is way smarter than most give credit. Because I think Trump has the likely-hood to be in the Washington, Lincoln, Rooselvelts kind of president.

    Re: Quebec. The reason for not divulging the name of the assailants is because they are Muslim. I could be wrong, but I’d bet $5.00 that I am not. I agree, if this was Billy-Bob Joe in his Coors shirt, we’d know. That is the kind of ammo that the MSM needs right about now.

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  5. Troy says

    “Trump ….. is thoroughly alienating the Ordinary Murricans who voted for Trump”

    Is there evidence of this? Cuz all I see i the usual gaggle of SJW nitwits crying

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  6. Malcolm says

    It appears the the mosque shooter was a young French-Canadian man named Alexandre Bissonette, and that Canada now has its very own Dylann Roof.

    Well, at least the MSM won’t dither for days trying to guess at the motive.

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  7. colinhutton says

    And the left would already be blaming Trump for stirring up Bissonette’s anti-Muslim ‘paranoia’ – except they realise it is more likely that it was Justin’s subsequent ‘but we’ll make up for that nasty Trump by being especially nice to them’ that tipped him over the edge.

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  8. Whitewall says

    Well, looks like “you’re fired” is back in style.

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