Sex And Violins

As tempting as it’s been, I haven’t commented here about the recent “women’s march”. (Anyway, it would be hard to top the succinct remark left by “The Anti-Gnostic” at Steve Sailer’s blog, so I won’t try.)

Here, though, is some worthwhile contrarianism from Margaret Wente, writing at the Globe and Mail.

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  1. random observer says

    Good column by Wente. I felt compelled to engage in the comments. As often, Globe comments sections are a surprise.

    The paper is a centre-left organ that thinks it’s centre-right. [The National Post is centre-right, just.] It’s better than the Toronto Star, which was known to many of us as the Red Star 30 years ago and has only gotten worse since.

    I rarely read the Globe, let alone the Star, lest some columnist drive me to lunatic, albeit internalized, rage. I’m getting like that now. But Wente is OK. She’s a bit ‘nice white lady’, but still OK. I believe she is a transplanted American- we usually get the noxious lefty types, so thanks for sending Margaret our way.

    The comments vary widely and are mildly encouraging in their diverse views. And that was true on this column as well, though I didn’t dare wade through the lot. All in all, a positive experience. Though it led me to comment on several other threads as a result.

    The Globe runs this comment system in which having one’s comment posted comes at the price of vetting 3 other random comments for quality and civility. I don’t know how many downvotes on civility are required to get booted. I try to be generous with them.

    Still, took me a while to get out of the Globe’s clutches and back here.

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  2. Haha. That quote from the Anti-Gnostic is so apt. Remember, the same was true of OWS. It’s Trust Fund Debauchery at its finest. Ashley Judd’s speech bordered on parody.

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