Put Some Cant In Your Rant

If, like me, you often have trouble finding just the right word, perhaps these will help: A Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue, published in 1811, and the Dictionary of Cant and English Slang, A Collection of the Canting Words and Terms, both ancient and modern, used by Beggars, Gypsies, Cheats, House-Breakers, Shop-Lifters, Foot-Pads, Highway-Men, &c; from 1737.

I’ve lifted these from the excellent blog From Old Books. I think that makes me a “heaver“.

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  1. Whitewall says

    “TOTTY-Headed, giddy-headed, hare-brained”…or myself up to about 18 years of age! I suspect there is more within the link.

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