The Future, By The Numbers

Making the rounds is a video by Mark Steyn in which he discusses the demographics of Europe and Africa, and Steve Sailer’s “Most Important Graph In The World“.

Take particular note starting at 9:55, if you’ve been wondering why Europe’s leaders don’t seem to give a damn about the future.

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  1. Epicaric says

    We have entrusted our patrimony to a barren governing elite who have no vested interest in keeping the family estate in good repair. With no children of their own, drunk on the modern Left’s epicurean mantra of “you can have it all,” they strip the manor of its wainscoting and furniture to fuel their bonfire. When the flames flicker they will turn to the library. No matter, live for the day. It is why they can so easily erase the past, dismantling statues and squirelling away inconvenient portraits to basement archives. When the future means nothing to you, there is no need to preserve the past. Childless, they live for the moment. As they say around these parts, it will not end well – at least not for our children – no matter how much they acclimate to the rising temperature in the pot.

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