A jihadi blew himself up in Manchester, England last night, at a pop concert crowded with teenage girls. There will be the usual effusion of pious public responses, followed by some incremental increase in the hindrances, indignities and surveillance imposed on innocent Westerners in their homelands. There will then be a lull of indeterminate duration, another attack somewhere, further effusions, and another click of the ratchet.

The Twitter humorist Iowahawk had this to say:

As Steve Sailer once wrote: “Political correctness is a war on noticing”. Most dangerously it appears to keep us from noticing what I have called The Obvious Thing:

Allowing mass Muslim immigration is the stupidest and most irreversibly self-destructive thing that any Western nation can do.

If it is axiomatic, though, that diversity trumps civilization (or even, for unlucky citizens, survival), then it’s all beyond our control; you might as well shake your fist at the weather. London’s Muslim mayor, in good Oriental fashion, has advised us to take this fatalistic view: “these things” are just “part and parcel of living in a great, global city”, and we’d better be prepared to endure them. (We might point out that London, which has been a “great, global city” for many centuries, never had to worry at all about explosive Muslim martyrdom until Britain admitted millions of the Prophet’s followers, but that would be “noticing”.)

After the truck attack in Stockholm last year, former Swedish PM Fredrik Reinfeldt noted that these things are the “price of an open society”. This generalizes well: for example, psychosis and early death are the price of a methamphetamine addiction.

So let’s all give a worldly shrug, post a hashtag or two, and and move along. After all, what can be done?

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  1. Whitewall says

    I believe it is still within the Saxon to hate. He can relearn that which allowed him to survive for many centuries. If he does reawaken, who will be his first enemy, the Muslim or the class of elite that allowed the Muslim into the Saxon home?

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