Western Man



  1. JK says

    Weed Eater

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  2. Dave says

    It should go without saying a picture is worth a thousand words… but this sums it up nicely, and ominously.

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  3. Epicaric says

    Thia image could be as equally meaningful for the Left: a white man, oblivious to the effects of climate change beyond his fence, continues his destructive behavior of caring for his environmentally irresponsible grass lawn with a high emission gasoline mower. It’s a veritable political Rorschach test.

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  4. John says

    In terms of narrative, you are correct. In terms of reality… let’s just say that some catastrophes are “more real” than others.

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  5. Epicaric says

    There is no doubt. Maybe the gentleman pictured will later shower and go out for a delightful Thai meal before the storm levels his home. Then it will have all been worth it. So I have been told.

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  6. JK says


    H/T Mark Stoler

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