Cold Civil War Heats Up

A disgruntled Bernie Sanders supporter directed rifle fire at a Congressional baseball-team practice in Alexandria today. The House majority whip, Steve Scalise, was shot in the hip, and several others were injured as well, including two Capitol policemen. The gunman, 66-year-old James Hodgkinson of Belleville, Illinois, was killed. He had apparently asked Rep. Ron DeSantis, moments before the shooting, whether the people on the field were Republicans. (They were.)

Given that this was a man using a rifle from some distance away, it is remarkable that there weren’t many deaths (although as I write there are some reports that one of the injured has died). Some wags on Twitter have remarked that the body count would have been a great deal higher if it had been a right-wing shooter, because lefties generally know nothing about guns.

I won’t comment further, for now, other than to say that nobody should be surprised by this.

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  1. Whitewall says

    An event like this was predicted maybe here and elsewhere. When outrage becomes justified in the minds of the “outraged”, the result is usually a graduated intensity. A march becomes a confrontation with police, store windows are broken and cars set on fire. Outrage moves on to masked anarchists in the streets who attack innocent people at random because their motives are “justifiable”. We get a popular play where “Trump” is “executed”, and then a hack comedian holding a severed Trump head in jihadi fashion. All justifiable because a candidate lost the election. Will the actors in this insurrection…citizens, media and pols pull back in reflection? No. We will hear about mental health issues and gun control.

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  2. Issac says

    One often forgets here on the dissident right that progressives, particularly white male progressives, are feeling as much of a pinch as everyone else. They’re being pushed out of all their own programs, limited by the flagging economy, short-changed by the social malfunctions pervading society, AND they lack the budding sense of purpose and camaraderie that is coming about on the dissident right.

    Imagine if you will a generation of supremely delusional, entitled, government dependent, old progressives who harbor a lifetime of nihilism upon seeing their various plans and dreams torn to shreds by reality. Imagine if that generation, let’s call them “Doomers,” was about to retire in large numbers with nothing they cared about losing, few, if any children to think of, and with the media-driven delusion that all the ills they observe are the fault of republicans getting in the way of progress.


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  3. JK says

    ‘Pears I’m gonna be wandering around on some Lefty sites.

    I’m betting I’ll be finding the word[s] deluded, mental illness, and other exotica.

    I’ll report back if I find a really really spectacularly composed excuse.

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  4. JK says

    Well that didn’t take long …

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  5. guy says

    With all the knives the GOP has shoved into the back of its voters I could see how this could have been a ‘right-wing’ shooter, but as you mentioned I would have hoped he’d have been a better shot.

    Also, since the media wasn’t screeching about a ‘Republican!’ or ‘Extremely Extreme Right-wing Extremist!!!’ or ‘Trump Voter!!!11’ shooter you know this guy was a hard core lefty. If he had so much as shared a car pool lane with a republican 30 years ago they would have been shouting about that connection. In the same way that if, after some major event, authorities immediately start shouting that it *HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH TERRORISM*, you know it was muslim terrorists…

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  6. Jared says

    Not surprised at all. We have a vicious enemy within our borders going to battle on a daily basis. The worst of the lot are Anglo’s like this errant life form that are dumb enough to hate themselves and the principles this country was founded upon because “progress” says it’s the right thing to do. The MSM is a propagandist machine hell bent on reversing and/or destroying everything that built this beautiful (once more so) republic. Our academic institutions are not much better.

    The leftist enemy will even eat their own if it feels right or if possible financial encumbrances make it seem wise to do so. Case in point – take a look at the fallout from a recent interview that Megyn Kelly did with Alex Jones. A leftist media stooge employed by a leftist network being dumped, tarred and feathered by leftist sponsors simply for interviewing the guy.

    It has come to this. It has been like this. Any individual that publicly strays from the narrative is torched by the zombies of inclusion, sensitivity, and good feelings. They want us dead and we’re too busy working for a living to be overly concerned by it.

    We should be prepared for anything and nothing should surprise. Back to work.

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  7. JK says

    Well. Today’s my day for new terms looks like.

    Judy Woodward (I think that’s right) on PBS just minutes ago tossed another goofball into The Talk.

    “Assault Handgun.”

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  8. JK says

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  9. redan says

    Why didn’t he open fire on those Democrats that colluded to keep Boinie from the nomination? At least aim your disgruntlement before you aim your rifle!

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