CNN Delenda Est

Here’s RamzPaul commenting on CNN’s publicly threatening to dox a meme-creator they don’t like. Normally I wouldn’t pay an awful lot of attention to this sort of thing — it is simply a given that mainstream news outlets like CNN are Cathedral clerisy, and will say and do whatever they believe advances their religious hegemony — but there’s blood in the water here, sharks are circling, and given CNN’s behavior over the past year or so it would please me enormously to see them devoured.

Ramz makes one common mistake here, though: he points out the inconsistency of CNN’s accusations of bigotry, when they themselves have done precisely the same thing (details in the video). This is an elementary misunderstanding, and a search for consistency in the wrong place. The left does have a firmly consistent principle, but it has nothing at all to do with playing fair, or applying the same standards to oneself that one holds others to. Rather, it is simply this: the enemy is the enemy, and must be attacked.

Here’s something else: once again Donald Trump has tweeted something boorish and juvenile, and the MSM’s reaction has been so hysterical and unmeasured that Trump comes out on top. CNN really blew some toes off this time. I hope the wound festers.

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  1. Whitewall says

    Often times with the Left, they blunder into self inflicted casualties. Casualties on a large enough scale can bring them to a halt from a debilitating form of doubt. When the Left doubts itself, its activists begin to turn on each other by questioning the “ideological purity” and commitment. This can happen in media, entertainment and especially academia. We on the Right must keep the pressure on them to reinforce any doubt.

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