Nature To All

Having pushed their doddering elders down the stairs, and finding among the corpses’ effects the keys to the family car, our newly crowned juvenocracy is wasting no time in taking it for a joyride. The leader pro tempore of this posse of hopped-up teens is a yakkity Chavista bird-brain by the name of Ocasio-Cortez — and now, having consulted her months of adult experience and some stuff she read on Twitter, she has divined the solution to the problems of government, justice, and social organization that have vexed inferior intellects since Aristotle, and has brought forth her manifesto. A summary of it is here, and you can read the actual proposal here. I won’t comment on the details — others have beaten me to it — but if this is how we are to be governed going forward, it’s time to buy a few hundred-pound sacks of rice and beans, spend some afternoons at the range, and start digging the bunker.

As it happens, I ran into Mme. DeFarge this morning, who had just read the thing herself. She seemed a bit taken aback by it all. All she could say was “Ça alors! Zat girl really has ze ‘cheep on her shoulder’, non?”

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